Rework Kindred ult

I feel like Kindred's ultimates doesn't fit the character. As a character that's supposed to incarnate death in the League of Legends lore, an ultimate that just stops everyone from dying (and heals even) doesn't sounds that good. I guess that it fits in some way, where she would just stop killing people, but it doesn't make much sense, as a team game she could just choose to only stop killing the allies, even tho it would be overpowerd. My point is that rather than stop killing, League of Legends's death character ~~should~~ must kill. So for the ult I thought that it should include both part of Kindred, it could use Tryndamere's Z mechanic. If the champ wich the ult is casted on faces Kindred, "facing" his fate, then Lamb would attack, giving Kindred true damage on the selected champ. And if the champ wich the ult is casted on turn his back to Kindred, "running" from his fate, then Wolf would attack. Wolf could be casted from farther, as he hunt those who run, maybe rooting the enemy and inflicting damage. To play with the already existing features of Kindred, there could be a buff on the ult when it's used on the target selected by the player, making more use of the mark and creating a mindgame on wether or not the bearer of the mark is at risk or if it's just to deflect the attention on another lane. P.S : I also thought about Kindred's ult being a finisher, but her E already does that, plus it would turn Kindred into some kind of assassin and deflect the champ from it's original concept (jungler and marksman). Sorry if I wasn't clear or if I made spelling mistakes, English is not my native language. Feel free to give your opinion Thank you for reading Edit : I realize i didn't explain why this ult would fit the lore. In the story "Forest for the Trees", Wolf surrounds a runner with his body looking kinda like a root (it would also work with a blind like Quinn's). And for the Lamb part, it just seems that accepting death would be like letting go of defenses (true damage or bonus armor pen).
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