So how about an electric yordle Ones upon a time yordle got hit by a lightning bold in a storm. The lightning bold was so strong it changed the yordle to a point he became negative magnetized and so pushes away units that try to come close to him. Just like {{champion:32}}, he became lonely. But unlike Ammumu he wasn't that mentally strong as him. The issolation changed him. He no longer holds any emotional bound towards his serrounding. He doens't known the value of life anymore, even his own. This electric pika yordle looks happy, he smiles all the time. When someone ask him to become his friend. He will glady answer with yes. If someone would ask him what a friend is. He will answer, I dunno. He's cute and walks arround battlefields. Almost like a mascot, and describes death as a good feeling. It would be a champion when you interact with him it will feel like he's the happiest fellow in the world. You will like him and everything he tells you. But than you read his lore and you will have a mental breakdown and realise the creature doesn't have a soul. #Abilities * ##Passive - Newton Force Additional part: Upon spamming in summoners rift. All allies get shocked, they recieve a buff that allow him to become immune for his passive. (this means things like morde champion ghost won't be effected by his passive; When an enemy Kayne ults a target he will briefly recieve this buff; When Camile ult, she will disable the passive for the duration of the ult; Blitz is immune for the passive) Enemy units that walk towards him will have negative friction and positive friction when moving away from him (basicly they will get the feeling they get slowed when moving towards him and gain movementspeed when moving away from him). Dashes (no blinks) and projectiles in the range will be slowed down. Upon recieving fatal damage or become stasis the friction is reversed briefly and becomes enchanched pulling all nearby enemies towards him. (120 seconds cooldown (cooldown effected by cooldown reduction). * ##Q - Plus & Minus Fires a midrange linair skillshot to your target. Marking the enemy with a positive debuff (allowing both ally as enemies feel friction when they are nearby this marked target). Within the 6 seconds you can fire another skillshot that this time debuffs the enemy unit with an negative debuff (so providing negative friction.) When both marked units are within 800 range. They will be pushed together (similar to Zac's Q). When you fire both skillshots on the same target the target will be knocked up briefly. The Q can also be used for waveclear. It can be used on monsters and minions. When you fire both on the same target it will deal AOE damage. When dealing damage to seperate targets they will be pulled together dealing AOE damage with everything that comes in contact with them. This AOE damage is increased on minion & monsters. The ability itself has a relative high cooldown. It starts with 20 seconds and goes down to 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 on later ranks. When you succesfully land both skillshots on enemy champions. The cooldown is refunded by 50% (calculated after cooldown reduction). When you land both skillshots on a minion or monster part of the mana cost is refunded. * ... (if you have ideas let me known)
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