Wu Zoh, The PuppetMaster ( In progress )

Hello Fellow League players. I was thinking about a new Champion: Wu Zoh The PuppetMaster. While Watching a lot of Naruto, kankuro Was always such an awesome person, so i thought why not a PuppetMaster as a new coming Champion. Story about Wu Zoh: Wu zoh was grown up in a town where nobody cared about eachother. There also was a lot of crime, people who got hurt for no reason, Wu Zoh had a smaller brother called: Rami Zoh, They were the only persons who liked eachother. They both had a dream to create a world where people cared about eachother, A world without crime! When they became men, they fought together for their dream. Many years passed by, They were on the edge of completing the dream. But when the last fight started, Rami Zoh got injured badly, and there was no hope to restore him. When he passed away, Wu Zoh stopped their dream and started to become a PuppetMaster. Day after day, Month after month, And year after year he trained until he became the worlds greatest Puppetmaster men had ever seen. But yet he wanted to honor his smaller brother, and decided to turn him into a puppet! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ability's: Passive: Whenever a puppet hits a Minion/Champion he regains a small amount of mana ( each level a bit more ) Q: Wu Zoh Summons Rami Zoh, ( Like Azir does with his sand warriors ). In the begin of the game already 1 upgraded version. W: Wu Zoh's Puppet attacks the nearest champion near him, with a 3 stack attack. E: The puppet Rami, wraps himself to an enemy champion and slows him for an amount of time R: Wu Zoh Will summon multiple Puppets to aid him in the fight, Reducing the enemy's Magic armour, and they will also fight them. Skins: ( In progress ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let me know what you think about this new champion. Always in for suggestions! ( and don't forget to vote :) ). Best Regards, Loyal player: MasterYinzo
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