NEW GAMEMODE FOR 5 MAN PREMADE - Called "Anti-fun, quick, fast, speed, steal game"

BEST NEW GAMEMODE A new gamemode for your 5 man premade. No longer will your league games lack fun and excitement, which is what this is all about it. Champion pool: Jinx, Yasuo, Rammus, Zac, Hecarim, Zilean, Quinn, Fizz, Ekko Theme: Losing, fun, hectic time, quick, disaster. Rules: -HAVE TO pick champ out of champion pool. -Constantly have to move around, unless you are backing. If you are caught standing still you have to sell an item. - 2 1 2 lanes, no jungle. - Every 5 mins you have to switch lanes, every 10 you all have to go to one lane. - NO OBJECTIVES WHATSOEVER (except turrets). ONLY HARD (very hard) PUSH. - Top and bot have to fight for CS, there is no teaming with your own teamates. - First buy is always boots, second is T2 boots. GOALS: - 25 kills as a team - Whoever gets the highest kills after you complete the 25 kill mark wins the game. - Work alone, do not help your team. - ONLY KS AND STEAL EVERYTHING FROM YOUR TEAM WARNING: ONLY PLAY THIS AS A 5 MAN AND MAKE SURE ALL PLAYERS ARE AWARE OF THE RULES, DO NOT RUIN OTHER PEOPLES GAME. CONSENT IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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