The next step in League cosmetics

League skins are a big part of this game and i feel its time for Riot to step it up a notch in the cosmetics department. The idea is to introduce the concept of cosmetic "items" into the game. Items are a part of champions wardrobe which i would put into next sections (head, body, feet, weapon) or whatever the most suitable loadout is. The item is nothing more than a part of the skin and it changes the visual appearance of the champ you are playing. I will give you an example: custom sword for yasuo or riven, or a custom bow for ashe or vayne etc... These custom items would vary in rarity. The rare items would have better animations, light effects and all the other stuff they introduce. The items would scale the same as skins (from common to mythic and ultimate). To avoid mess and confusion in programming all items would be champion specific and they would also be connected to the lore of the game. You could equip the items on the generic model of the champ or any other skin you own. We would also get a 3d preview of the champion loadout in the Collection tab of the client where we could customize all of our champs for the game. The means of getting these items would be the same as skins: 1) store 2) hextech loot 3) hextexch crafting 4) ranked rewards and more Riot would slowly release these items in series like they do with the skins and each item would represent the spirit and the idea of the champion its designed for making them unique in style and gameplay. Since they work on the same concept as skins this wouldnt be a huge change for the dev part and its easier to make smaller parts of the champion customizable. This is an option that many other games already have and im sure Riot has thought about it. If not i hope someone for dev team sees this and takes it into consideration. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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