Dimeshing returns?

Instead of *buffing* or *nerfing* items, why can't they just put dimeshing returns on them? like *infinity edge* for an exaple. Currently it gives 80 ad and 25% crit. I think that is fine but when people starts to stack it beacuse of it's high base stats i think it's a bit wierd. Instead either give certain items or all items dimeshing returns. like if you buy 1 IE, you get 80 ad 25 crit and the passive. if you buy 2 IE's the second one gives 60 ad and 15? crit and the third 1 guts it to like 30 ad and 7% crit idk. But my point is, instead of nerfing items becasue they are "broken" if you stack em. just put dimshing returns on them so it won't be built. And it's not only the Jhin build that makes me feel this way, i think (2) ie's are good on most adc's + like gp. Triforce youmuu's ghostblade, pd and 2x ie, 75% crit and a crap ton of ad. MAYBE I'TS JUST ME
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