Lifeguard Shen skin

I'm actually surprised this skin wasn't made yet, it's perfect. Shen is one of those champions that always has to watch the map and jump in when people get in danger, just like a lifeguard watches the beach for people in danger. And his skills match that of a lifeguard too, much better than those champs that already have a lifeguard skin I think (Taric, Renekton). Maybe next summer? {{champion:98}} Please notice me rito. I was thinking of a lifebuoy for his R (the shield) and he could blow on a whistle instead of the sound he normally makes when ulting – His spirit blade (Q) would be one of those floatation devices that lifeguards have – The W could look like rippling water around his Q – his E can stay the same I think, there isn't that much happening there normally anyway except maybe water particles when he hits enemies. Shen would be wearing a red lifeguard t-shirt with a white cross on it and a whistle on a cord around his neck, swimming trunks and a sun visor cap on his head. He would be wearing a towel covering his face as he is still a ninja and all. He could have a cool recall animation like his walking along a jumping board, focussing for a bit and then doing a double flip or a corkscrew dive or something like that.
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