``bad `` people no placement games !

hello today i ended my ranked series ``again `` about 2 months ago i went ranked in flex and went from bronze 5 to 2 1 months ago i ended my solo q ranked pre season and went from bronze 5 to 2 so today i got placed in bronze 5 again won 8 losed 2 now my question,: why i have to play 10 games if you place my in bronze 5 anyway ? in 10 games i could be in bronze 2 again !(what i will do ) but it takes about 9 hours and i dont got unlimited time :( so why dont place ``bad `` people in bronze 5 after 1 game so they can use the other 9 to clime about 2 seasons ago i start playing lol and when i went ranked i was super bad but ended up in silver 3 when it should have been bronze (last season i didnt play no time ) (i love the game and will keep playing but this is just a bit awkward/strange and frustrating) ty for reading and seeyou on the rift ! love discartus ~N
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