custom maps like what csgo does

i was playing csgo for the first time when my friends showed me custom maps people create these maps and it can be downloaded and be played on what if we could do that in LoL if riot had a tool and an official website or a column in the client anyone who knows what they are doing can create a custom map using riots tool anyone can download the map from the website or column it will be hard to find 9 others in the same skill level on these maps so we could perhaps test it alone or in premades if you like the map you vote for it riot picks the best map for the patch or month or something and try to fix broken parts or tinker a little then add it to game rotation mode until the next patch where we get the next best map of the patch just an idea, there is many problems in my idea that can be fixed but i don't mind if riot uses another way of implementing it I JUST WANNA PLAY ON A DIFFERENT MAP, we have only had 4 maps in a game that has been around for nearly a decade, just let the community try and make something fun
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