Concept: Spells becoming stronger with levels.

Now most of you are properly like "wtf spells do get stronger with levels they get more damage/less cooldown" but what i mean is the mechanics of a spell. Gonna use a basic one pretend the is a champions with a static shiv proc for a q. At rank 1 it chains to 1 additional. At rank 2 it chains to 2 additional. At rank 3 it chains to 3 additional. At rank 4 it chains to 4 additional. At rank 5 it chains to 5 additional. This leads to much more interesting game play and generally when spells mechanics do become stronger with levels its just a range... like nocturn ult... oh it gets more range... cool i guess... So question: Would you like the mechanics of spells to become stronger with levels? Not all spells need this like xin doesnt need to heal every single auto but I feel some skills leave alot to be desired like whats the differences between mundo q at level 1 and 18? you dont even notice that much of a damage differences because its percentage base...
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