[Champion Concept] a Mage who controls Storms

The main idea that I have for this champion is a mage who can pick off isolated targets, get into the heat and quickly escape out of a team fights (like {{champion:103}} or {{champion:7}}). Mixed with great strength from afar (like {{champion:101}}) Name Ideas: Murame Ojikaku, Buramore, Kataifore (I shall be using Murame for now) Gender: Male Race: Human Class: Mage Attack Range: 600 Abilities **Passive; Rainwalker:** Murame begins to walk on raindrops, granting him 25% movement speed, {{summoner:6}} and a shield which protects him for 90/180/270 (+100% Flat Movement speed) damage. If the shield is broken Murame will lose his MS bonus. Rainwalker will come back when he has moved 1000/750/500 units , however abilities or items that give temporary movement speed will lower Rainwalker's cooldown by the percentage it gives (i.e; {{champion:43}}'s E or {{item:3069}}'s active) **Q; Call of Thunder: Passive:** Murame will store a charge of Call of Thunder every 15/12.5/10/8/6 seconds (Murame can only store 5 charges at a time). Murame will mark a place 1500 units away from him, after 6 seconds a bolt of lightning will strike the area (200 units) marked dealing 70/ 110/130/150/170 (+70% AP). If Murame uses an auto attack on the marked area, the thunderbolt will activate earlier. Costs 70/80/90/100/110 Mana and Cooldown is 15/12.5/10/8/6 seconds **W; Come Shower or Storm:** Murame summons a small storm in an area nearby him (900 units target range and 300 area radius). any enemy champions shall take 20/25/30/35/40 (+40% AP) and slowed by 30/35/40/45/50% (which decays by 25% after 2 seconds) whilst inside the area of effect . Murame and allied champions gain increased movement speed whilst moving through the area by 30/35/40/45/50%. If Murame casts Call of Thunder inside the Area of Effect, the ability shall instantly be cast and will stun anyone hit by it. Costs 50/60/70/80/90 Mana and Cooldown is 16/14/12/10/8 seconds. **E; One among Lighting:** Murame chooses a location that is 600 units nearby and dashes towards it, energising his next three auto attacks have a range of 650 units and deal 50/60/70/80/90 (+70% AP). if One among Lightning's marks are nearby, Murame can dash towards it, causing it to activate and refund half the Mana cost and Cooldown (One Among Lighting will allow Murame to dash through walls). Costs 60/65/70/75/80 Mana and Cooldown is 10 seconds. **R; On a Stormy Night:** Murame conjures up a gigantic storm that engulfs the entire map that lasts for 10/15/20 seconds. Whilst the storm is active, enemy champion's are slowed by 50% (which decays by 25% after 2 seconds) allied champions gain 50% MS for 10 second, Murame's movement speed is increased by 100% until On a Stormy Night ends, Call of Thunder will be cast instantly and deal +100% of AP instead of +75%, One among Lighting's range is increased to 1000 units. Costs 100/125/150 Mana and Cooldown is 300/200/100 Seconds. **a few Ideas for quotes** Upon seeing {{champion:53}}'s Static Field, {{champion:126}}'s Lightning Field or {{champion:112}}'s Chaos Storm: "A mere imitation of a storm's destructive power" That is all for now,I might add more info on this. Primarily lore, voice line ideas, a design for him and maybe some other ideas I have. Might make more Champions concept, but for now, goodnight.
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