sort out the mmr system please

i've seen threads and posts written years ago to nowadays that the MMR system is awful. Their are probably millions of people who think that the systems awful like I do. I read that MMR is completely based off your previous team performance as a whole, and not your own personal performance. This means that I could perform well in a game and go 6/4 or something when the rest of my team feeds, but it wont matter even a single bit as the only thing that matters is the W or the L for your personal rank. That's bs. On the other side of the spectrum, you could perform really bad but have your team carry you, meaning your MMR will get some good ratings from that W even though you could've gone 0/10 - meaning people who are bad at the game, feed and int/rage etc still get an mmr boost, so that means if their mmr is high likewise is an actual good player's then they will be paired which is why no one ever has giant win streaks and you usually get away with 2 wins at a push before a loss in return - due to one of those players that have the MMR that they SHOULDNT HAVE. I think this point is very valid. It has been mentioned and publicised in a variety of cases - videos, threads, posts etc - but the topic does not get any notice or change which has basically lead to no one bothering to talk about it any more - and every time it's mentioned, most would think "another one of these posts" or "seen this a thousand times". It means no one cares, which has been forced as a viewpoint onto all by riot who have just ignored the issue long enough for people to stop bothering as they know nothing is going to change - pathetic really. I too have seen these threads and made similar ones, and i 100% guarantee someone will say "its your own fault, get good" or something along those lines. Hope i dont see any on this one, but to address those people that have such a dumb answer, ill just ignore it, and plus i've explained why everyone is bound to lose at some point because they're paired up with someone that got W's because of their team's performance and not their own. The most annoying thing that can happen in league is getting to your promos and losing them, so you have to go through the whole rank again. Can someone tell me that it's genuinely a coincidence that I win every game outside of my promos, and then when promos come i lose 2/3 games and restart the rank for the exact same thing to happen [which has happened 4 times in a row now :) ]? Nah. I think also it's not fair to give each role a certain amount of carry potential. 1/100 times a support will carry, 14/100 times a top will carry, 15/100 times a mid will carry, 30/100 times a jungle will carry and 50/100 times an adc will carry - it's totally unfair. At least even the odds a bit. The reason I say this is unfair is because people who decide to main certain roles because they're best at another, will not be able to pull a W out of the bag based on their position alone. The most important role is either jungle or adc, leaning toward adc, so if either of them are one of those players that have good previous team mmr (mentioned earlier) then they go to another game and spoil it for everyone else who is unable to carry as good because the enemy team does NOT have the same situation. It is like a cycle that happens for everyone, and that makes the ranking pointless as the rank you get will never express your true skill/potential. league is dying because it's repetitive. There are many reasons to why, and this is one of them. You may disagree with what I've said, which I don't know how you can, i mean it's the truth, but you can't deny that league is dying. Maybe it's time after years of similar complaints to change it and for once listen to the players. Also, I'm getting packet loss lag all the time now on my pc, how do you fix it? Ruins games for me completely, on top of this mmr crap. _Other people that say similar stuff/proof there's plenty of people that think this: _ "The MMR system is a joke; not even a funny one. It is based, as far as I have read and can tell, entirely on team performance; if you get unlucky and lose a few games, for whatever reason (you have a bad game, other people have bad games, you get a troll/ragequitter....etc) your MMR will tank. At this point, you will be matched with people with the same MMR, and lose even more games, until you get to the point where you can actually carry 2 or more people, at which point you will stabilise. Your climb then relies on finding people in a similar situation to you in amongst the sea of people. Beyond that, I am actually starting to believe that there is a system designed to stop mobility on top of that; the majority of flat out feeding trolls and ragequitters I have encountered have been in promos or one game away from them; for every promo series I have entered, I have been one game away from 100LP and lost three times over. And of course, if you fail that promo for whatever reason, you enter the Loss Spiral that most people in Gold and above denies exists. I have also noticed win/loss ratios getting worse as the Season goes on; most mobility happens in the first few months, and then everything sort of locks down for no apparent reason. And since your placement at the start of the next Season is reliant on your previous Rank, you cannot climb outside of that time. Riot seem to have little-to-no interest in allowing mobility, I think because below Challenger there are no limits to Rank size (i.e. there is no cap on the number of Gold players) and by having little movement it allows them to say stuff like 'Silver are the top 50% of players'" - IainG10 (7 months ago) "Is there anyone who lost 8 promotion series in a row?" - sToOrm (2013) In reply ^ : "ShakeNBakeUK: if ur not good enough to win 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 games after 8 attempts, maybe it is just time to accept that you have reached your skill cap and are no longer able to increase your rank without improving some aspect of your gameplay??? "i hope you know how stupid what you said really is, you could have over 65% winrate and still never win your promotions, you have to win back what u lose ( 30-40 league points) AND THEN win another 3 games out of 5. which potentially could never occur." - shaunika (2013) "I lost my promos to gold 4 23 times. Now I'm plat, shit just starts clicking." - AD_Heimerdinger (2014) "I win every ranked game, but the second i get into promos i get **matched with autistic monkeys** why the hell does this happen?" - Malaborath (2015) "There's a law of averages in the game's mmr system. 40% of games you're statistically set to win, 40% for the opposite, and 20% that your play actually becomes a factor. The system is set up to keep everyone at a balance of 50% win/loss ratio as best it can. What promos do is test your mmr to see if you deserve to climb by making it harder for you to win, by actively working against you and making your teammates somewhat worse, and your opponents somewhat better. Basically in promo situations you have to be better than everyone in that game combined in order to hard carry. If you're winning around 50% of you're games though, statistically you won't break through, and set yourself in the promo loop of win 1, lose 2, win 1, lose 2, with small variations of this. You might be good enough for the next rank, but since you're around 50% anyway, the system won't let you climb due to the law of averages. Only way to break it is to just get good real quick and make the 20% where you matter count, which is kinda bullshit seeing as how its forcing you to be the shining star next to a bunch of black holes. All I can recommend is to study up as best you can and practice if you want to get better, and improve the attitude a little bit. Even if your teammates are "autistic monkeys", its better not to actually type it." -Jacknife _(in reply)_ "That makes a lot of sense, but then it's not only that you lose promos, you drop to 0lp extremely fast after you those promos. This happened to my friend once, he was in Silver 3, and doing really well, then he gets into promos 8 times, but fails them all, and ends up getting demoted to Silver 4. It seems like promos is just a gate where they don't let you pass. Same thing is happening to me, I was on a roll with wins, get into promos lose my first game, win second, then lose third and lose the whole promos, that happened to me 3 times; as in I lose 3 promos in a row, and now I'm on a losing streak which is honestly really frustrating. Not limited to but I seem to get more self-centered people who only care about their kda, %%%% with you when they lose lane ( eg. coming into your lane taking cs or just plain AFK) or just people who actually AFK because they're raging or even from the start." -Draoxus (2015) You can literally just type in "I keep losing my promos" and 875,000+ results come up in milliseconds ranging over several years, pages upon pages of links to the same complaint (and these are just the ones people make threads n stuff on) - but still no change. This won't change anything either, I bet, but I make this thread in hope that someone actually sees it and does something. Sort it out. Ty for reading .
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