Item Story Idea : Infinity Edge

As a kid I always heard the stories of a realm, a realm that is blessed by the gods, a realm that grants great power to anyone who reaches it. I always thought it was just stories, mere legends made by misunderstanding of the man. That was until I met my tutor, he was a young man with a long white cape and a black hood, shining under the sun of Shurima. He thought me how to use magic to its finest, creating and using spells that I have never seen before. he made me a great wizard. I was hoping to be a hero, a protector for my people, for this little vilage hardly living in this vast desert... It didn`t take long for me to understang hope was nothing more than a fools dream and weaks shield. I have lost evrything... My family lying dead on the floor of my house... My friends banishing in the sands of the desert... My master slain near the oasis... the only thing that I found was a map that I found in my teachers hands. He was holding is as if it was more valuable then his own life... On the map I saw my childhood again... That story of the realm of gods... There was a ruin that was marked in the map, with nothing left to lose I started to move... Not knowing why I was pursuing something that wouldn`t do anything for me... I was just moving without knowing anything, I had nothing to lose, I had nothing to gain... As days past I have slain tons of creatures that this desert holds, taking lives for nothing but to protect my urge to go on and when I reached the enterance of the ancient ruins I had no reason to live anymore. I wandered the ruins until I found what I was searching for a oasis... this was the thing the map was showing me. I jumped into it, expecting nothing but I was wrong once more. I opened my eyes to a place which I have never seen before. It was covered in grass and it had many waterfalls that was flowing into infinity. Once more I wandered, this place could be heaven itself. I wanted to stay there until I die but destiny had other plans for me... Lying in an altar I saw a sword, a sword that suprassed any beuty I have ever seen.. Without a second thougth I took it from the altar. I remember nothing after I did that, I woke up in the oasis of the ruins covered by monsters who wanted my flesh without a second thought I swinged the sword. I felt the power, a power that I never had tearing apart my foes, splitting their bodies in parts with ease. I have never helt stronger before. ( Sorry if the story has many flaws, Im new to writing this kind of things. I hope you enjoyed it. <3 ) {{item:3031}}

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