Groin-Master builder

Thrór and his dwarves' nation once lived under the Krbd Mountains, where from their so-called goddess Ornn they exchanged objects of unspeakable beauty. Their nation was still flourishing, and it did not seem to return to poverty or confusion. But with the arrival of other peoples, crowds of people began gathering around the mountain and began to settle around. The first was not a problem, but when the city began to form, Ornn began to direct their gaze on them and forgot the dwarves. For them, it was a crushing news, but the time healed the scars, and after a few years, the references to Ornn appeared only rarely, rather they were just short stories and poems. At that time, Thrór's son was born the master builder. Well, so Thrór had a bright future. A huge dwarf grew larger than the others. And he walked in the footsteps of his father. Again after a while, Thrór found a girlfriend with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. His career was already high, and he was called the master of the stone, and so he asked his girlfriend for a hand. The wedding should have been great because it was a tradition that when your son is married, you give him his place, whatever you've done, and you go to retirement. His father, of course, was a master builder, and it made a pretty stir. So the day of the wedding came, everything was prepared, the guests were comfortably settled in their places, so the ceremony could begin. Other masters such as the Frór master blacksmith, or Fundin the champion of war, were seated at the top. The bride was already coming, and Thrór marveled at her beauty. But before she reached the altar, the earth shuddered a little, everyone fed, but no one was too busy. There's nothing but then the wound sounded, and the ceiling rushed down directly to them. Then what happened Thrór did not remember, for a piece of rock fell on his head and sent him to the ground. When he woke up then he did not see anything but boulders all around. He stood there for a while, trying to remember what had happened. Finally, after a while, he recalled and cried over what had happened. After a while, however, he felt a small but sharp pain at the back of his head. He stretched out his hand, smirked, and felt a small crack in his head. Everywhere there was blood, and he wondered how he had not noticed it before. But he did not have much time because he knew he would not survive without help. That's why he tore his sleeve and wrapped it around his head. Once he had finished, he set out to look for the East. After a moment, the light flashed in his eyes, looking in the direction and seeing the crack that was probably created by the earthquake. He came nearer and pulled his stomach up to the surface. There he was relieved to be away from the darkness. At the same time, however, he realized he was still bleeding and so he ran to find help. After an hour of searching, he found the house rushed to him and knocked the last of his strength. But before anyone could open it again, it fell out of the darkness and sank in front of the door. When he awoke again, he lay on the bed beside the fire, and next to him was some old lady who was washing her. Thrór stood up, wondering who the old lady was at all. They spoke a few words and then they were sure. The old man told him in a good soup that he had injured his head ugly. But she gave her herbs, so she'll be healthy in two days. There was talk of the mountain and the earthquake. The old woman told him once again that it was not an earthquake, but that two gods were killed. Ornn and Volibear. Thrór immediately asked where Volibear was going to find. For he knew from old poems that Ornn had been their god, and that he would not do that. She told him that he was studying his army far north. Thrór did not expect anything, and he went in that direction. But when he reached the place where Volibear was supposed to be. So he found only an empty field. So now he wanders over Runeter, nourishes himself by building houses in human settlements or selling things he has made himself. And he is looking for Volibear to avenge his nation and his family. Passive ability) [Walking Shop] At the start of the game, Thrór takes a car that he can put anywhere on the map. From which he can buy his allies, but with the overtime for Thrór 2 min and for allies 5 min. Buying goes only out of the fight. Thrór can pull the car again. The car can be destroyed by 3 basic attacks. In that case, the car will return to the fountain again after 30 seconds of waiting Q) [Burned Burning] After activation, it will receive the following bonus for 3 seconds: * + 10% for all damage caused; the next basic attack will ignite the target and cause 15/25/50/80/125 + 15% AP in the form of direct damage, spread out within 5 seconds. Overflow: 10/9/9/9/8 seconds W) [Anvil Hammer] PASSIVE CAPABILITY: Every first blow to the enemy makes him stunner and gives Groin a small bonus for speed. Overflow time: 15 seconds ACTIVATION: Thrór can repair a tower that has suffered damage. The effect of the repair is calculated as the 5/7/10/15/20% missing tower's health value. If he use ability on destroyed tower he will build a small Cannon which will work like normal but weaker turret. Overflow: 90/80/65/50/45 seconds E) [Magma shotgun] Thrór take he's shotgun and fire at location knock you back, slow and deal 55/65/68/75/110 +13% AD. If you are close to Thrór the shotgun will stuns you instead of slows you. Overflow 15/12/10/9/7 seconds R) [Dwarven Ingenuity] At the beginning of the game, the catapult wrecks in the fountain, which Thrór will be able to repair up to level 6. Catapult itself does nothing but Thrór can activate it and send anywhere on the map a massive stone sphere that causes 200/350/500 (15% power of skill) of magical damage, or it can also shoot 3 times small stones that each will take 166 magical damage (15% power of ability). In that case, the bounce time will depend on how many bangs are shot 20s, 2 stones 40s, 3 stones 65s). At the same time, Thrór receives the firing stage (1 fix = 10 degrees), taking up 100 points of the stones that the catapult will fire and will fire the area in the event of an impact. Overflow: 65 seconds. The longer you hold R, the bigger the stone Pick: "what are we waiting for" Ban: "okay, I'm going to get a beer" Ctrl / 1: "and now you know that this is about building" "it would be good for it" Near Volibear: "Are you a volibear? You look like a teddy bear " Near Ornon: "Hmmm you go shaving the goat's beard" Ctrl / 2: "Do not underestimate me because of my height" "I'll scrape you both legs as big as I" Ctrl / 3: Waltz Death: "DAMN!" "CRAP!" Execution of towers: "What I built up eventually destroyed me" Revival: "Once Again" "Let's Go" At the beginning of the game: "Good day I'm looking for Volibear and do not know where it might be?" Killing / assisting the murder of Volibear: "I waited longer", "You broke up the mountain, but you will not break me" Killings Volibear: "And what did you expect, it was a bear against a dwarf" Killing / assisting killing Ornna: "he should not turn his back", "leave us a mistake" Kill Ornn: "I was hoping you were right" Killing / assisting the slaughter of Ashe: "a beautiful body, a pity that her head has landed 12 kilos hammer" Killings by Ashe: "dangerous curves"

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