Before Morgana’s Fall.

Basically, it’s really an ask or a tip or advice. I don’t actually know I’m not good at this. I love the Morgana and Kayle visual upgrades and their new skins. I just wanted to say that I am really hoping for an ultimate skin for Morgana. Since Kayle’s form changes throughout game, similar to an ultimate skin, I was think that it would be really cool if Morgana got an actual Ultimate skin where we see how she looked before she “fell”. I think it can really help expand the amazing lore. I know I’m not a professional and I don’t actually have any power over it but I would love to see it. I think a skin that shows her Demacian roots and similarity to her sister’s original skin. Thank you and good luck with any future endeavours with the game. I love the sisters so much. Also, I forget to add but for Morgana’s ultimate skin, it would be amazing if she was flying and her wings upgraded like Kayle’s did. {{champion:25}} {{champion:10}}
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