Rune idea

Creepblock. It happens to all of us and we all hate it. This rune is meant to solve exactly that: make a rune that will allow the champion to ignore unit collision. The concept of ignoring unit collision is nothing new to league of legends. Champions such as {{champion:38}} and {{champion:105}} have this mechanic in their kit. But what about the rest of us, who don't have a passive that allows us to walk through units, or don't have a {{item:3046}} in their build. There are a few variations of unit collision which this rune could provide: 1. ignore all unit collision 2. ignore only ally unit collision 3. ignore only minion unit collision(ally/ both ally and enemy minions) Personally even if it's only the latter I would 100% use this rune, provided it's a normal rune and not a greater one. NOTE: ignoring unit collision is also useful when it comes to dodging skillshots that can't pass through minions. I know I'm late and the new season is around the corner(sort of), but better later than never lol. So what do you guys think?
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