NEW CHAmpion idea / concept (Arden)

New champion concent ! Name : Arden Concept : Arden is a ghost, more importantly an angry ghost or a poltergeist is u want . Passsive - Ghost - : while in ghost form gain increased movement speed ; cannot get and bonus stats unless in possessed form Possessed : while in possessed form gain all bonuses from items and adaptive power depending on minion posses Melee: AD Caster : AP Cannon : Extra defences Q - Melee minion - attack with sword/ axe in a cone in front of you Caster minion - fire a fast small projectile in a line Cannon minion - fire a long range cannon ball W Melee minion - shield shove - dash forward pushing all enemies hit forward Caster minion - runic seal- place a rune seal on the ground while within the seal increase the magic damage output Cannon minion - grounding - bolster armor and MR for a short period but lose some of movement speed E Melee minion - stomp - stomp the ground around you damaging enemies in area Caster minion - arcane shower - trows an arcane cometint o the air that explodes and showers enemies in area with arcane shards Cannon minion - R - Possess / Erupt - Arden can possess any lane minion, transforming into twisted version of this minion and gaining mew abilities or he can erupt damaging enemies near him and reverting into ghost form The idea is to make a champion with igh mobility that can go fast between lanes and from base , bit all that come with a price as ghost with no host is easy to kill :P
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