Unbalanced Skin price ->Effect.

Hey, I think some skins have a very unbalanced price for the effects that they gave. For example: -iBlitzcrank -1350 RP -Not even an ulti changed effect..it could be something like a pulse wave,something awsome. -Not even a back animation.I think it's the only 1350 RP skin that doesn't have a back animation(-_-).Even skins that have a lower price have back animations (Blood Moon Kennen/Yas,etc) If we take a closer look to primetime Draven: Primetime Draven's price < iBlitzcrank's price Primetime Draven's visual effects > iBlitzcrank's visual effects. PT Draven has an awsome back animation,amazing new quotes ("And our MVP for this game...?Draaaven" ^^ love this skin) and particles for each skill changed.Blitz...has just for the Q ,W and maybe for the Mana Barrier (?). I know Riot is making a joke about the Draven's ego and the..low price of the skin.But iBlitz is still unbalanced as skin price/visual effect ratio Another example: -Arctic Ops Kennen I would like to compare it with Blood Moon Kennen (They have the same price) ------------------------Blood Moon Kennen / Arctic Ops Kennen - Back animation : Yes / Nope - Particles changed: Yes / Nope - Costs 975 RP: Yes / Yes - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I bought Arctic Ops Kennen because it was the best skin on him at that time.Later,Blood Moon Kennen kicked in.That back animation and red particles....ARE AWSOME. Unfortunately,A. Ops has nothing. Just the CTRL+2 changed,and that he throws kunais instead of shurikens. Riot could give him at least a back animation.Arctic Ops Varus has a back animation,why wouldn't Kennen have one too? I've got a concept about his back animation...something like a ThunderStrike?Or Thunder Clouds?Or even something like Special Forces GP's back? So..yeah.. Unbalanced prices... Draaaaaaaaven{{champion:119}}
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