Please remove the new HUD

I've played this game for over 3 years and not once did i ever stop having fun i adapted to the trinket changes as it was a minor change giving people an advantage which is fine but i will not accept the new HUD changes No offence to the developing team but you've tried to fix something thats not even broken what you just did to our ( i emphasize our as the whole league community) HUD animations nobody has ever complained its too dark its in the way its confusing i enjoy playing league of legends the current feel is really nice but when i saw the changes my heart kinda sank.. like a ship (Pun intended) but on a serious note if the old HUD gets deleted i'll consider quitting the game thats not a threat or an attention seeking thing, i'm being brutally honest its uncomfortable when i can't find my items my gold or even missing my fps at the top i hope you take my post seriously and consider my plead for you not to implement this into ranked queues or into the game. If you want to change anything about league of legends rework the champions continue making the nice music which i truly enjoy also play around with things people are complaining about even if its just a tweak to the jungle or a champion i love the game for how it is all the champions are balanced if you play the game well i'd recommend a new game mod or map just for fun but please don't touch the important things like HUD,Shop,Items,indicators things that affect game play we're growing more and more each day with over 70 million logins per week our community is large - Thank you for reading riot i appreciate all of your love and effort you put into the game but this is update is not necessary or beneficial to us.{{summoner:12}}
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