Shaco update concept

The shaco champion is so weak in my suggestion He good early good vs squishies but soo bad at teamfights atvlate game for that i m aking u to update his q skill Because its so bad that u cant disengage with nor engage with. For that i suggest some changes hope u like : 1 - a kill reduce his q cooldown by 2 seconds 2- a kill refresh his q cooldown this effect has a cooldown of 2 minutes 3 - when q casted u no longer in combat as long as you are invisible 4 - the boxes or the clown(R) does not apply combat mode when shaco is away like there is a range to it because mobily is so useless with him 5 - his r is bugged right now that u no longer can dodge aa and skills while using ulti Why we cannot make a timer like yi 1 or 0.5 secs that u cant damage or select the target. I wish get some attention and at least be considered when updating him. Still waiting for "the jokes on you" emote. Wish all the best in fields of justice summoners.
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