[Not in 6.9] Early Surrender / Remake feature Strings referencing an upcoming Early Surrender / Remake vote option have been added in today's PBE update. Riot Socrates tweeted out to confirm this featured is in development but will not be released in 6.9: "Just to confirm, we are working on an early surrender to better deal with games that start with an AFK, but it won't be in patch 6.9." RiotNeuroCat added: "Hi guys - I'm on the team developing '/Remake' (this feature). Just want to clarify that this will not be shipped with 6.9, but we want to get it into your hands ASAP :D" Typing the comment "/remake" in chat will trigger the vote but things don't appear to be fully hooked up yet. From the strings, seems like teams will be able to vote to remake the game if a player never connects to the game after champion select and no players are killed in-game. Here are the two larger text strings: game_announcement_OnSurrenderEarlyAllowed "Your team has X seconds to remake the game because a player dc'd and no kills occurred. Vote to end the game by typing /remake in chat. Only the dc'd player will take a loss. This vote can only occur once." game_announcement_OnSurrenderEarlyAccomplice "To protect high-tier competitive integrity, your remake would count as a loss because the dc'd player is in your premade" There are also a few others in there just saying vote failed. THE PROBLEM ITS DYNAMIC Q : (
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