Thar and Hajri - The Ghostly Couple

They were just a happy couple, but their nations could not let them live together, a noxian and a demacian? It was impossible for two royals. One day, they were going to meet each other but Jarvan I caught them and ordered them to be killed... Now, they wonder around in the place they usually met and kill any couple that passes by, because, if they can't love, why should others can? Thar, the male, is ranged Hajri, the female, is melee This champion uses flow as a resource, flow goes from 0 to 100 and has interactions with both of the forms Passive - Twisted Shadows - Using abilities generates flow, when flow hits 100, the form is changed to it's counter and flow resets to 0. Flow grants movement speed on a scale of 1:1 Q - Soul Crush (Shared Cooldown) - 10/9/8/7/6 Second Coldown (this does not work like fizz's ultimate and has a set distance) Throw a knife and generate 10 Flow (skillshot), the knife will stick at where you threw it or at the enemy champion that it landed in, you may then reactivate the ability and either: Hajri - Explode the knife for a short burst of movement speed and health and damage to the enemy champion (generate 20 Flow) Thar - The knife will come back to you (like a boomerang) and damage all the enemies in it's path (generate 20 Flow) Enemies may pick up the knife and make it disapear if it landed on the ground W - Death Rift (Shared Cooldown) - 22/20/18/16/14 Second Coldown Summon an aura around you, which deals damage per second and gives health, flow and movement speed based on the number of enemies hit for 5 seconds (35 Movement per enemy, 5 flow per second per enemy and 1% missing HP per second per enemy) E - Broken Hearts (Separate Cooldown) - 40 Flow - 15/14/13/12/11 Second Coldown Passive - Making big turns grants movement speed to both of the forms Active (Thar) - The next basic attack as Hajri will be ranged, deal bonus damage, instantly teleport her to the targeted enemy and a broken heart is summoned in Hajri's previous location (before the teleport) Active (Hajri) - The next basic attack as Thar slow the target, deal bonus damage and summon a broken heart between That and the target Broken Hearts can be picked up to instantly change form but keeping the current flow R - Closing Argument Both Hajri and Thar are summoned and everything goes on a separate coldown for 20 seconds -Dealing damage to one of the forms damages both -Changing forms swaps the positions of Hajri and Thar -To swap the control of the champions you should click R
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