Sir Rito

Sir Rito. Melee Support **Passive: EUW**. Basic Attachs increase enemy champions PING by 20, stacking up to 5 times. (opt: At 5 stacks they get a DC for 1 sec) **Q: Nerfhammer**. Permanently reduces enemies stats for no reason, until they are out of combat. **W: Buffing shield**. Increases allies stats for a few seconds. **E: Champion spotlight.** Sends out a wave of energy. If it hits an enemy champion, he is revealed and rooted for a few seconds. **R: The Tribunal / The Ban Hammer.** Removes an enemy player from the game (for a few seconds). He then spawns right where he was and as he was. He has no vision or chat during that time. Instead of Mana he has an RP bar.
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