Riot, please...please give some love to your other cool champions like Xerath, Vel'koz and Karthus.

As you all know, we got a new dark star themed set of skins this patch and are getting arcade theme next patch. Which means that there is no hope of getting a Dark Star or Battle Boss/Final Boss Xerath or Vel'koz. It's been over 1500 days since Xerath got his last skin (Guardian of the sands) which frankly didn't age well compared to today's skins. Vel'Koz as well didn't get a new skin for years and Karthus especially a champion that has been present even in season 1 still doesn't have an epic (1350 worth) skin. While as Kaisa a new champion gets its 4th (5th?) skin. I understand you try to sell skins for the champions that are most popular. But it gets tiring for everyone, your playerbase that also plays other champions feels left out. I am a Xerath main for a long time and I am itching for a new good skin especially Dark Star Xerath since the themes introduction. I realize this post will likely won't get attention, but Riot team, please if you are reading this...please consider making a skin for the champions that deem forgotten by you, his creators. Please give your remaining playerbase that aren't Yasuos, Ezreals, Luxs and Kaisas, some love too.
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