Morgar, a chamion concept (ADC)

The title should contain Champion, not chamion, and I'm an idiot. {{champion:32}} Hey folks! Please take note that this is the first champion concept I have made. I am looking forward to your feedback! {{champion:103}} Also I would appreciate a +1 if you like the concept, as well as a -1 if you don't. I can then tell what the overall thoughts are! Also, writing lore is not my thing. It's just for the general idea. So i would prefer if you would mainly comment on the idea and ability's (and read that first :3) **Champion model: ** I, sadly, am one of the worst artists out there. Therefor I cannot even create a sketch of what he should look like. But I can try to explain it… kinda… Morgar is a male long-range AD carry. His weapon is bow nor gun, but a chain. This chain can shoot towards enemy’s, and be pulled back after he hits them. To a comparison of the speed: it does not act like thresh and his chains, but more like Scorpion form the mortal combat series. The small difference is that it does not only pierce the victim’s body, but also rip of their flash. The idea here is that as long as Morgar has no life steal yet, it will only pierce its enemy. When he does have life steal, the attack animation slightly changes, and makes a different sound when being pulled back. All the ‘ripping off their flash’ can be achieved by: His chain has a pointy end, when he had NO life steal His chain still has a pointy end, but with something like a fish-rod side to it, when he DOES have life steal. Due to his lore (below) I think he should look like an almost dead figure, with his skin damaged by the sea and glowing eyes. Besides that a TF hat that is in a ‘lesser state’. His first skin coud be “fisherman Morgar” also due to his lore Morgar is no stranger to the sea. From his early days he would help his father, who was a fisherman for as long as he could remember. His mother he had never know. He was told she just disappeared when she once went out to buy food. Although they lived a sober life, no one would expect her to just run away from her husband, as since she had loved him even through the darkest of days. What actually happened to her is still a mystery until this day. “what’s beyond that?” Morgar asked his father as he pointed at the misty clouds far in the distance. “It might be better not to wonder” his father replied as he pulled up his fisher net, once again containing nothing but sea weed. “the ones that were eager enough to find out never came back to share their story’s”. “How come” Morgar asked, now even more curious then before. His father looked at him, his face hollow from the poor catch the sea had granted him over the past weaks. “The rumors go, there are ‘things’ not worthy of the daylight, waiting for pray to walk into their traps. But as I said, no one has ever returned to confirm that rumor” he said, looking into the distance. Morgar felt eagerness in the voice of his father, and he knew why: “But what if there is more fish to catch? And they simply don’t want to tell us?” (not a strange thought, since during this time, since the motto seemed to be ‘everyone for themselves’. His father sighed. After a short silence he said now at a severe and cold tone “it might be better not to get seduced by that tought”. Morgar knew by the way he replied that he already asked to much, so he decided not to ask any more. “Let’s go home, the night comes early today” his father said as he looked at the little catch they gained that day. ***Years later*** Morgar knew something was wrong. His father did not awaken him that morning. At the table, next to his bed he found a note: “Morgar, my son, the sea has not been bounteous to us for a long time now. I have tried everything to make you a better living, but I did not succeed. For that, I will apologize. I made a decision that may as well be the last. Today I will sail into the mist and clear up the mystery for once and for all. This is the only chance I have, to keep us alive. If I do not return by night there is only one thing I will ask from you. Do NOT come looking for me!” This note, and a bit of money is all he has to remind him of his father, whom never returned… As the days passed by, Morgar became a thief, like all the boys of his age, whom got left behind. At one day, Morgar became so desperate that he decided to steal from the blacksmith. Anything he could get, he could sell to gain some money, and buy himself food. Morgar had been watching the blacksmith for a while, he was alone, but as big as a tree. Maybe, Morgar tought, when he turns his back towards me, I’ll make a run for it. And so he did, as soon as the blacksmith turned his back to him, Morgar jumped out of the dark, trying to grab the first thing he saw, but the hunger had made him weak, and the blacksmith grabbed his arm before he could have even touched anything… ***Years later*** It had been 5 years now, since the blacksmith took Morgar as his assistant. After he got caught the blacksmith saw he was a strong, but exhausted young man, and gave him 2 options: “either you leave this city for once and for ever, or you will work for me”. Since the city was the only thing that had not left Morgar, the choice had not been hard to make. He would work for the blacksmith for 9 years with no pay, but he would have a bed to sleep and food to keep him alive. A hard worker he was as Morgar was putting all his anger for his father’s disappearance into the art of steal. Every day, the hope of him being alive faded, and the certainty that something had killed him, rose. One thing Morgar knew for sure: whoever took his life, would be better off running. With the small pieces of iron he stole whenever the blacksmith wasn’t looking, he crafted a strong chain. Today, the last part of this chain had to be crafted: A point, so sharp it could pierce through anything it was thrown at with spikes that would rip anything it passed through apart. Today all his hard work would pay off. Morgar thought long about this, he would sneaked out of his prison, in the middle of the night, and run, run as fast as he could go, into the woods, where he would find a place to live, practice his skills on animals that fed him at night until he was strong and skilled enough to avenging the only one he’ d ever loved. “Forgive me father, for I _will_ come looking for you!” **The ability' s and stuff:** **Passive: Ripper** Morgar gains bonus AD equal to (1.0AD)(1.0life-steal). Life-steal does not apply on this passive bonus damage. **W: Raw stone** **Passive**: the power of flesh, Morgar gains 1/2/3/4/5 bonus life-steal. **Active**: Morgar uses his chain to rip a piece of rock from the ground, for 5/6/7/8/9 seconds the chain will contain the stone at the end, the passive damage from ‘ripper’ is doubled and his ability’s gain different effects. Additionally, Morgar’s attack speed is decreased by 5/8/12/15/18%. (rocks are heavy man!). Morgar can drop the rock by re-activating this ability. **Q: Rip them apart/move!** **Without rock**: Morgar shoots his chain forward cleaving enemy’s it passes through dealing 45/65/85/105/125+0.4(BonusAD) physical damage. This damage is reduced by 10% for each enemy the chain passes through to a minimum of 60%. On its way back the chain rips the flesh of the enemy’s, dealing an additional 45/65/85/105/125+0.4(BonusAD) damage and healing for 5/6/7/8/9% of the damage dealt to that unit (this damage does not decrease on unit ripped). Upon champion hit, the chain will stop, cleaving its enemy and applying a bleed that deals an additional 10/20/30/40/50+0.3(BonusAD) as physical damage over 5 seconds, and slowing them for 40/45/50/55/60% for 1 second. **With rock**: Morgar shoots his chain forward, pushing all units aside. Upon hitting a champion, deals 120/160/210/250/300+1.0(bonusAD) as physical damage. **E: dash and cleave/dash and slam** **Without rock**: Morgar dashes in target location, his next basic attack deals 10/20/30/40/50+1.0(passive bonus damage) as bonus physical damage on hit and pulls it’s enemy a small distance towards him. **With rock**: Morgar dashes in target location, his next basic attack deals 20/40/50/70/90+1.0(passive bonus damage) as bonus physical damage on hit. **R: slash** **Without rock**: Morgar slashes his enemy’s away and cleaves them, cleaving them to the side. Additionally, enemies are slowed for 40/50/60% for 1.5/1.75/2.0 seconds. However, if enemy’s collide with terrain, they are stunned instead. **With rock**: Morgar slashes his enemy’s (further) away, dealing 300/400/500+0.5(AP)+2.0(passive) magic damage. Looking forward to your feedback!
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