Buying Keys and Chests with BE

Hello! So ever since the crafting system was released, I (and probably a lot of other players) had the problem of not getting keys and chests at a 1:1 ratio. I've bought keys multiple times, but I'm still sitting at 10 chests with 0 keys. So I thought, what if we could buy them so that we wouldn't have a bunch of one of the two while we have none of the other? Let's say a key/chest costs 2100 BE. If you get a champion shard, you will lose overall BE because even if you get 3x6300 shards you won't get back 6300 BE from disenchanting. Now if you got 3 skin shards and rerolled them into a 975 rp skin, you pretty much got the same value back since a 6300 BE champion costs 975 RP. But since you could buy skins with BE this way, special keys/chests could be added that have different drop rates or make them cost more (3150 BE?). To be honest, I'm just tired of looking at my 10-12 chests all the time meanwhile other have like 20 keys.
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