Sun Goddess Karma - new splash art

Trivia The original Karma was released on February 1st, 2011., Karma is voiced by Rashida Clendening. Traditional Karma is voiced by Danielle McRae.
I am sure Riot Games is aware of the criticism it gets for some of its skins and general art (of course not only negative - there are indeed empowering skins as well, e.g. the contribution to ethnical variety with Lucian, Karma and Illaoi). Though, there are still tons of skins that depict women with broken spines, highly unrealistically thin waists, unecessarily and overly sexualized poses etc. Usually, I try to look past this and focus on the good things Riot Games does as a company and the way LoL is moving forward regarding many issues. BUT: With one skin you overstepped the line - and that is with the new splash art on Sun Goddess Karma. The general art is nice and the face is pretty cool (though maybe a bit misplaced - I always got the feeling Karma was more sass and less mischievousness, there she looks more like a young girl trying to seduce a crowd (the wrong way)) - but the clothing is just RIDICULOUS. I mean come on. What on earth is she wearing on her chest - plastic wrap? And what skirt has the property of smearing onto the thigh, knee and ass like it's body paint? I would be glad to have a Riot Gamer show me the physics of that one. Maybe a picture of someone dressed like that? Or is it too sexualized and a bit demeaning? YES IT IS. I love League of Legends, I love (most of) the skins and I love Karma. Please don't spoil it all like this. You're better than that. (By the way, I just love what you did to the Sakura Karma splash art, that's a big thumbs up! A little less thumbs up on the Shadow Evelynn - the art is cooler but Evelynn is all about dominance and that is not a dominant pose. You are moving forward in many ways and with a big game and community like this small steps back can be overlooked. Just PLEASE hire someone educated in these matters - you have a big inpact on people. Otherwise the new splash arts are generally a step forward art-wise, but me and my girlfriend cringed on just too many of the female skins. It physically hurts how sexist some of them still are. We (and a lot of other people) shouldn't have to feel disgussed from time to time, playing a game we love.) >>I won't answer troll posts in this thread, don't waste your time.<<
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