[New Champion] Ikaria, The Owl Prophet

Done for FZD-Riots Game sponsored Champion design project for League of Legends Was quite fun to do~ See the other designs here: Protheus
Hi ! This champion is support based on the fan art of "Side34" on Deviantart. I'm not good as a story writer so I skip the "Background Story" part ! Just imagine a mix of Janna and Quinn but with the intelligence of Zilean. **Stats :** **Rôle:** Support **HP: **365 (+74) **Mana: **305 (+43) **AD: **48 (+3.5) **AS: **0.644 (+2.61%) **Armor: **13 (+3.5) **RM: **30 **MS: **325 **HP Regen:** 4.5 (+0.55) **Mana Regen:** 9.0 (+0.4) **Range:** 550 **Ability :** _**Passive - Intellectual Presence**_ Ikaria increase the reflexes of nearby allies in a **850m area**, that increase AP and AD damage by **4/6/8**, Attack speed by **2/4/6%** and movement speed by **3**%. _The passive level up at level **8 and 16** of Ikaria_ _**Q - Vaulting**_ **CD:** 16/15/14/13/12 seconds **Mana:** 85 pts all level **Range:** 550m Ikaria bump the target ennemy by remainning it in the air. Ikaria immobilize itself and the target ennemy too during **1,5 second.** After the bump, Ikaria gains **6%** of movement speed during **3 seconds.** _Ikaria can't move during the bump, it work like a Yasuo Ultime (yasuo is in the air and the target too)_ _**W - Don Innate**_ **CD:** 18 seconds all levels **Mana: **90/85/80/75/70 **Range:** 650m **On an Allie:** Ikaria descrease by **2** seconds the cooldown of all skills of an allie _(expect R)_ **On an ennemy:** Ikaria choose a target to shoot down. Next first bacic attack of an allie will deals **5% (+1% each 100 AP)** more damage and regenerate the HP of this allies **40/50/60/70/80 (+0.25 AP).** _**E - Predatory**_ **CD:** 10 seconds all levels **Mana:** 80 all levels **Range:** 600m Ikaria hit with her fangs a target to deal **80/100/120/140/160 (+0.6 AD)** physical damage and slow the target by **35% during 1,5 seconds**. _**R - Flapping Wings**_ **CD: **100 all levels **Mana:** 100 all levels **Range:** 850m Ikaria bats her wings to grant a great movement speed buff of 25% during 3 seconds to all allies in front of Ikaria. If ennemies are in the area of Ikaria ult, Ikaria deals 120/180/240 (+0.35 AP) of magic damage and reduce by 35% during 1,5 second their movement speed if they are facing the wind. _* The hitbox is a corner, more you are near Ikaria more chance you get to be touch by Ikaria R * The Slow effect on ennemis works as a Cassiopea R._ I hope you like it, don't heistate to let your feedbacks or questions about my champion. See ya !
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