Champion Suggestion: Kazu, the underworlds portal.

Pre-explanation: Kazu is a mage/support type of champion who can move fast or manipulate the enemies position. As for a little base on his lore Kazu is a demon from the underworld, he is the first one to ever emerge to the surface. **PLEASE REMEMBER TO LEAVE FEEDBACK** **------** **Looks:** Kazu is a little demon-like creature, he has small horns, wings and a tail, he is completely black from anywhere but his eyes which are crimson-red. **------------** **Abilities:** **Return from the other side-Passive:** Kazu's respawn time is 5% lower. **Underworlds Darkness-Q:** Kazu throws a sphere of pure darkness, its cast range is 5.25 teemos and it moves really slowly. The damage increases as it goes. It's smarter to just run into it if you are not fast enough to kite it for 3 seconds. And is it's probably obvious, it is a targeted ability. **Cost:** 50/55/65/70/75 mana **Dmg (minimum):** 75/90/110/130/150 **Max dmg:** 125/140/160/130/200 **World ripper-W:** Places a portal on a wall. When there are 2 portals, allies and enemies can move through one to appear at the other, they go both ways but can be entered by the same champion only every 5 seconds. The portals last 25 seconds. **Max stacks:** 2 **Stacks regain duration:** 65 seconds **Max range in between portals:** 8.75 Teemos. **Pits-E:** Shoots 4 "pits" in different directions, they have exactly 90-degree angle from each other, so you aim one and the others will be set. If a pit hits and enemy champion it will take damage and then gets warped to Kazu. **Range:** 9 teemos. **Speed:** About the speed of Brand's Q **Cooldown:** 15/14/13/12/11 seconds **Damage:** 70/90/110/130/150 (+85% AP) **Underworld Punishment-R:** Kazu targets an enemy champion, after this he can throw it to any direction within the range of 10 teemos. The enemy also gains a debuff which makes it take damage everytime it passes trough a portal, the debuff lasts for 5 seconds and also amplifies the damage on Kazu's E. **Cooldown:** 100/85/70 seconds. **Cost:** 100 mana **Damage:** 200/350/500 (+55% AP) **Dmg to portals:** 150/200/250 (+55% AP) **Bonus damage to pits:** 33% of AP **-------------------** **Combos:** One combo is to setup 2 portals, ult the enemy into the other and use pits to the other so that as soon as the enemy comes out it'll take bonus dmg from pits. Also one is to use Q, then before the Q hits, warp the enemy to you with either your portals/ult or or E. I will be doing this more soon, i'm still working on the lore., please for now leave feedback, it's really helpful! c:
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