Champion concept - Byoshinse, the Awoken

Hello, I wanted to create a new champion idea. This passage conveys most of my thoughts behind it and I've split it into four parts each dealing with different/slightly different aspect of the concept: bio, short story, in-game design, skills and stats. If you're not interested in poor writing skip to the part below but if you want to give it a try first read a contraction just beneath so you know whether it might be for you or not. Hope you'll get a kick out of it. **Lore impression**: _,,There was a bright sun_ _There was purpose hoped_ _But when kingdom was done_ _In darkness they groped_ _Their world swathed anguish_ _And many souls in death relished_ _But when purpose suffered tarnish_ _One man daren't be perished_ _Whence stars world with light bathe_ _He set off to see behind their shroud_ _For there was in the heart faith_ _And his humble mind bowed_ _There were things quite bizarre_ _Behind his cognition's scope_ _But once again there was a Star_ _Once again there was a hope"_ **Biography**: There was a man in the harsh realm of Shurima deserts whose name was Byoshinse or often abbreviated to Byo by those familiar to him. He had agility of a cat, will unbowed and heart full of compassion. He didn't have any fancy dreams nor great ambitions but felt a deep purpose in guarding what was precious to him and bringing peace to his people. A purpose that was yet to be tested against the tragedy of an inevitable fate. But nonetheless the man lived on his own devoting most of his life to warfare after joining the great army of Azir. He was steadily rising in the ranks and getting respect from his peers due to both his bravery and military strategy ingenuity. The latter was especially credited by the commanders when a defensive plan of his succeeded during a Noxian invasion through its cunningness and efficiency. The strategy considered a guileful utilization of forgotten by time a granary from ancient times now buried deep beneath sands. An outnumbering his recon squad regiment of the invaders couldn't expect anything from the silent stillness of the pristine landscape. Yet when they approached the ambush point, sands below them collapsed into warehouse rooms filled with Shuriman deadly magic embracing Noxians with undoing. The survivors were scared off by the desert soldiers suddenly revealed from under the camouflage. This and many other events of the warrior's prominence led him to the day that changed his entire life. The day of his Ascension. Many steps toward the skies, one incantation of the priests and a lot of glory flowing from light revealed from beyond the Sun Disc parted his past self with a new consciousness. He became a tiger, strong, agile, unpredictable. And unyielding. Almost unstoppably determined. At least not by any kind of man's sword or godlike power. No longer resembling a human being, his body taller and sturdier covered with black striped rusty-brown fur accentuated by white features. His hands previously with fragile and dull nails now armored with claws hard like a rock and honed as knifes and his senses sharpened and able like no man's before him. But there was more than met the eyes for he's been enlightened with knowledge of heavens and he knew that from then on he bore a responsibility greater than ever before. To protect his home not as a man but as an Ascended. Since his form has changed, the weapons had to be adjusted as well. The Tekko-Kagi that have been keeping him company and served him well during countless battles were reforged to match the deadliness that this new form provided. It was the finest iron extracted in the military refinery from ores of the Shuriman mines melted with carbon and cast into a wild shape of tempered-steel claws. This was a weapon worthy of an Ascended. Since that day he only grew stronger and tougher. His new challenges that once would squash him, now were just mere daily tasks. But what truly mattered to him was his dedication for Shurima, service under Azir and most importantly bond made with his companions. This was the purpose of the Ascended. The purpose that no one knew would end them all. As void became a recent threat to whole nations, Shurima, with all its soldiers, stood against it. So happened to Byoshinse who would fight monsters from the other world that even in his dreariest nightmares wouldn't be witnessed. The maws of rows of razor sharp teeth, the abominated forms twisted into shapes that shouldn't even allow those creatures to exist, the fearful high-pitched screams of many monstrous throats or whatever produced them. It all seemed so improbable, like a very bad dream that was yet to end. But it wasn't any bad dream. It was truth, their reality. And there was no one to save them. Not a single one. They had to embrace the death of their brethren, they had to slay and keep being slain, they were the ones to die for the others. All these horrors spread among the Ascended. They were slowly degrading into a dangerous, unstable condition of mind. But their efforts weren't for nothing. The void rift was soon sealed and the world found peace and safety once more. Not for too long though for the warriors who stood noble and fought for the weak were changed into relentless beasts rebelling against what they once swore to protect. This was the curse of the void which took its toll on sanity of the Ascended. But it was only an onset. Then, was their sun falling from the skies leaving them with no directions where to go. Then, was their nation's fall and the bitterness and vengeance were born. Then, dark times befell once again. Byoshinse was one of many. But he wielded something more in his heart so he didn't let the anguish corrupt and reign inside of him for there was still the last line of defense awaiting to be tested. Faith. And so he decided to make a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage either repurposing his past self or prove him wrong. He was determined to plead heavens for help and if they won't listen he would reach for them and bring them to the ground for he loathed the idea of sharing the fate of his brethren. Of becoming evil. As he decided he departed. The road was long but his pace agitated and will determined. However, since he heeded the newly arisen danger that was the omnipresent rebellion he had to take cover from time to time and wait out the hazard. One such adventure took place around half way to the foot of the Mt. Targon. Two Ascended clashed one another in a ferocious battle possible to cease only through death of the opponent. Byoshinse didn't intervene for he knew clearly it was the only language they were now able to speak. War. He stared with dismay as his fellows were performing the deadliest dance of massacre and anguish. The only way left to exist was to fight and slay them all or be gone. This and many other adventures was the warrior through until he reached the second part of his journey. The climb to the very summit where the Targonians and powers from heavens were to be found guiding him into a new destiny. Although his strength was slowly waning as he climbed higher he kept trying. As humans try. To find the answers and not to be consumed by darkness that seemed for him to be spreading around the lands surrounding the mountain. And he wasn't far from the truth for the new war was started. The war among kin of the dark kind. At last, exhausted but standing unbowed he pulled his body over the final rocky ledge and into a narrow, oval plateau where only grass grew with its perennity. And he waited. At first, his lost soul filled with patience awaited something unexpected. Then, there came doubt. What if he will be judged unworthy. What if it all is for nothing. What if there are no gods and only injustice in the cold world. But the doubts faded as the skies split apart allowing, through a kaleidoscope of light flairs, the godly figure looming in the distance to descend and gain a humanoid, celestial form. Its voice echoed from everywhere. It demanded him to talk. And so he explained everything as his words unraveled. Words of passion and anguish. Words of trust and hope. Words of a believer. How he became no more than dust which Shurima's deserts are abundant with. For what tells the grain of sand from a man if not a purpose that drives his will. And the heavens listened to the story and considered it. And they pitied over the fate that befell the men of south descend. And then came the awaited answer. The answer he came to get. His deadly Tekko-Kagi's steel blades were taken into a divine azure forming a transparent sphere of cosmic energy and infused it with magic beyond mortal comprehension. The metal became sharp enough to tear open the space around and let him seek for his fate. To travel was to find a destination. To find a destination was to become himself again. And so the Ascended started to travel and search for his something in the far and wide vasts of the world. It was not until the harvest fest began in the northern shores of Ionia during last days of autumn. The word of Darkins didn't make it there yet. There was a woman. A wandering healeress. And she didn't know. She couldn't know. The onslaught was unexpected for what kind of precedent would had made it be expected. The Darkin stood in her way. Fled against the otherworldly power binding his brethren' souls to their weapons making them prisoners and dooming for eternal condemnation. Now standing against a first encountered mortal caught in the middle of nowhere with no hope of rescue. His anger bursting through his dark heart corrupted by despise. But Byoshinse was there that day too. The fight was begun. The clash of two titans. Their weapons striking one another in an impossibly paced ferocious dance of thrusts and parries. The power with which they fought, clang of metal and roars could be heard then days of wander ago. The damned fiend was indeed a worthy opponent for Byoshinse. His skills soared as did his disdain. But what he didn't know was the unmatched deadliness of their weapons. And that was why the monster earned the deepest of slumbers on that day. The day of a loss and a gain. A burial and a faint light finally lit. For in this woman was this something. And from that day on the warrior vowed to protect this fragile creature having been blessed with purpose found by looking into skies. He did not leave his faith to dim and so did not his dream. **Short story**: A scorching glare from the face of a midday sun. And sand. A lot of sand. The rasping sound of a great deal of stones and rocks shredded to tiniest pieces spread around the vast vasts of the land under his feet. That's how desert is. Hopelessness surrounds anything that tries to live. From the spiky, carnivorous plants till most innocent, frail fledgelings of a blackbird. Yet, despite the omnipresent life's decline and demise of its affirmation that the desert sows, there are both will to live and survival, even if the latter only among the strongest. He knew it and also wanted to try. To pick up a fight. Different than the one others of his kind started. So he marched on through the relentless empty barrens with the only company being coarse sand, rocks and sometimes oases with cool water and supplies of plant source. Once, he witnessed a ferocious clash between hungry children of desert. Hungry of vengeance and driven by anger. Because they weren't some desert creatures. The fallen Ascended clashed. And he had to watch the pity of the warriors sunken in grief, hidden himself away for he knew he could nothing against their soaring madness. His brethren whom now no one could save from their blind fury. Not even he. And so his heart froze seeing one of them piercing the other only to split asunder their head from the corpse. Then, the survivor hobbling away, not less wounded, spoke only: ‘Hope, it was a splendid performance, craven! Cherish, while you're not invited’ and vanished. But Byoshinse wasn't a coward. He just wasn't mad. That was a reality of his before reaching first greenery separating deserts from the land where the mountain lay. Standing there as a lone peak surrounded by plains. It resembled him. Trying, when apparently everyone else gave up into madness. This was filling his troubled mind with peace and even the sun's scorch eased off when the moisture of the surrounding wilderness and leaves of the taller trees and plentiful shrubs protected him against the heat. But all this didn't matter for his only worry was to find out. If there was still even the faintest spark of hope somewhere in the world. So he kept plodding through the many thickets standing in his way camouflaged by his color-adapted coat before reaching the very first rocky slope. Of the mountain itself. The first day of the climb was going on quite well save a couple unexpected loose stones that caught the warrior off the guard but didn't prove dangerous enough judging by their size. Unyielding he was moving uphill. There was still a lot to go and the temperature cooled down the higher he climbed. After some time the wind started blowing as normally as it would but being rather cold and shrill. This was what is to be expected during mountain climbs after all. A heavy cloak previously only adding burden during the desert crossing now proved to be an essential belonging. And so, up he moved making a good use of claws and agility for the bad faith of rocks and overhanging twigs and roots of the mountain's dried-out vegetation was a fatal hazard. At the sunset Byoshinse started feeling hungry and weary. However, the mostly smooth and steep side of the slope didn't seem to respond to his plight. There was no way he could continue the climb since it have already started raining and dusk was falling with night following shortly. He saw a strand of heavy clouds approaching the higher levels of the mountain. At night when the sun goes down his sights adopt easily to the much weaker moonlight but all the slippery projections and insidious, slack protrusions might become even harder to avoid when wetness coming from the storm accompanies and strong gale blows rocks off the ledges straighton into his face. Yet, he suddenly spotted a wide eagle nest laid on the upper branches of an old withered deciduous tree sticking out from the rocky hillside. Hunger dictated it would be reasonable to restore the depleted supplies. There lay three considerable eggs and further he chose to additionally hunt the eagle itself for it must have been coming there soon for the night. It's always like that in extreme survival. Only one lasts. And Byoshinse's purpose stood over the one of this bird of pray. Something dies so that something else can live. Eventually, nearby revealed a shallow recess looking rather firm and stable invited to make his way in for some rest and to do a bit of thinking. Soon he was to face the inevitable. The truth. And either succeed or fail trying. View from that high point broadly extended far and wide since the foot of the mountain till the very horizon of the sand ocean making him struggle to reckon where lay the beginning of this journey. Walk that had taken him many long and perilous miles was placed somewhere on the endless sand masses that seemed to besiege the mountain from every direction as if eclipsing its greatness and mocking Byoshinse himself by showing how little his effort was in the face of what lay beneath and how easily it would swallow him if he tripped over and fell down. But it was his to decide what path he takes and he was not giving into madness. Then, there came the night as if slowly but unavoidably thawing the world from light and flooding it whole with a dense veil of the darkness. The kindled tree's wood and eagle nest materials that burned steadily in the meager but sufficient cave seemed however to be able to sustain warmth and luminosity over the night. And allure something inside. _Must go. Almost there... Must go._ _What was that? Did you see something?_ _It's so hard to trudge through, upstream. Sands make it even harder._ _"Lose your balance!" - Silence. - "Ahahahahaha!" - They scream and laugh at me. I must be lost and alone._ _Scorn everywhere._ _It's raining._ _Eyes. Sea of eyes down below. They all watch and secret screeching, squeaky notes._ _"Craven! Craven!" - the eagle whistles offensively - "It's him! He left him to die!" - Eyes turn upwards and watch carefully._ _It's getting dark soon._ _Fog due north. Backwards fog. Fog on the side. And opposite fog._ _Not yet. Now..._ _"It's hard to know something..." - Crying voice. - "That you don't know yet"._ _It's raining again._ _It's raining, but I don't mind the rain._ _Because... The sun out there. A kaleidoscope of rays. It shines so brightly. Dazzling me._ _"Up! Go u the mountain!"_ Piercing sun rays cast right on his closed eyelids woke him up from the nightmarish imaginations. ‘A total delirium. Am I going crazy?’ he considered his state of mind but shortly after picked himself up. The fire burned out. It was time to go. So once again the faithful warrior moved up each step closer the heavens. And the climb would last far more but for sudden change in his environment. It came out that Byoshinse woke up in a cave different from the one he fell aslumber in and he now seemed to be even higher on the mountain, at least judging by the weather. Snow around was falling fast covering everything in a dead cold duvet of frozen water flakes. It hailed so hard that he barely could see a few yards in front. Or rather above. But just enough to keep moving on. Then suddenly, his senses tingled and made him jump quickly onto the neighboring stone shelf for the one he'd ventured on got loose and now fell only into the unknown abyss of the winter frosty death followed by a small landslide of snow, rocks and whatnot the slope couldn’t hold anymore. He was a heartbeat faster than the opulent in misfortune a curse of the mountain's peril but that turned out just enough to allow him to be able to take a lungful of chilly fresh air once more. And the snow kept storming on ferociously, unmoved. And so had to the warrior continue climbing. The worst part about it was that he didn't know what directions to take for the blizzard prevented any vision. On the top of that, winter wrath started troubling the warrior having him to shiver slightly and look for anything potentially able to serve as kindling. However, after a time of one Shuriman sandglass segment elapsed he discovered a dim flare of white light with tiny bubble-alike sparks somewhere above, in-between two high steep stone walls towering on a protruded bluff. When he finally reached the rim of the platform this glow was being emitted from he tried it, at first uncertain for it looked like a yet another unstable ledge but proved firm and trust-worthy to pull up on. ‘I arrived... somewhere’ the thoughts of his seemed to be confused after glancing around the place. It was a round shaped glade where iridescent grass grew, sweet scent looking blossoms bloomed and butterfly-shaped spirits carelessly twirled and fluttered about. What would have been unbelievable appeared realistic. In the middle of the winter there was warmth on this mysterious clearing and he could swear he just heard a bird chirping jauntily. As he stepped, the greenery was giving way lying down under the presence of his taloned paws slowly trudging toward the meadow's centre. Toward a marble dais elevated above everything else and flowed around in circles by a gentle stream of crystal-clear water. Byoshinse's face reflected in the stream with the long time ago earned, ragged scar extending across his right temple as he drank a bit of the water for he felt a deep urge to satisfy his physiological thirst after many traversed lithoid boulders of the climb. The place seemed to allure with it's delicacy and light fragrance in the air. As if being a montane oasis for both the tired travelers and ravenous fauna laden with everlasting winter and ubiquitous death. But he was the only one there. Not even a single bug not to mention the smallest rodent for he would be able to effortlessly notice either if they were to be present nearby. He was permitted into this place what he was mindful about. And because of his privilege he walked onto the platform. How to summon higher beings or what to do when they appear he did not know. He just sat there kneeling for a while and trying to stay aware of his surroundings and to focus. But after some time a rising fear started plaguing his heart. ‘What if there is nothing?’ he thought and added in distress ‘Do they mock me like the sands did?! Did I do it all for nothing?’ he reckoned but then forced himself to preserve the composure and remember what patience is. For whatever was to happen he was waiting still. Until the skies opened and stars showed up. And then he looked up, into them. His eyes watching the twinkling of the overwhelming black mass containing something more than just emptiness of distress and oblivion. There was a purpose for everyone, even for himself. And so that thing drew his attention. The brightest glim of the flickering gently toned blue arose as he listened to cosmic symphony of reverbing tones coming from every direction, the only way it should, spreading among the vapidly idle vacuum devoid of any matter. Then, flickers and swirls of the light blue and white colored emerge from beyond he cannot tell what. And the world around him seemed to become astir and perceptible the more the distant glim got closer. When it did, his senses awoke at their fullest concentration clenching each single impulsion that could be experienced and his body filled with peace that fire of flaming trust brought cleansing all thought and feelings be it of doubt or misery. The figure approached in front of where Byoshinse rested levitating just above him. He, looking above, saw a slim silhouette woven from celestial matter that glimmers and shifts its skin's texture as the moonlight and flairs of dim brightness from around the meadow cast their glow on it. A nimbus of loose golden-glittering dark strands of hair undulated as if being blown by the force of nature and eyes reddish pink gently glowing in a rhythm of a breathing chest, eyes of a higher being, eyes looking down on him. ‘You have summoned me’ it uttered in soft and graceful voice, her tone echoing from the ravine's rocky slopes and into his mind. The shape resembled a human woman as if reminding the warrior the true origin of his life. Of his previous life when things used to be different. When the effort to exist was as obvious as that he would one day die as all things should. But since the day that the Sun inspired him and granted an unimaginable power and longevity his life values shuffled. For he could outlive his beloved and anything that would exist parallel to him, his purpose had to be directed. And it was like this for a long time until his brethren went astray into havoc and until his leading sun fell down. But he came here to look into stars. That was all that mattered now. And so he told the cosmic being about it and everything else his heart had a need to get rid of for a long time already, before she answered: ‘That must have been hard.’ - Sigh. - ‘Let me help you.’ Having declared these words of sympathy she descended onto the grass removing the cosmic afterglow and filling with colors of a human. Red hair, pale skin and a fragile looking body with dull nails and sad sight glancing with shining, lightly toned blue eyes. She looked up at the warrior, he already with his vision lowered for now he was towering over her even with his knees bent on the marble elevation. Suddenly, her eyes glowed with an intense yellow-gold light calling magic from around and energy from above. She reached out her hands towards Byoshinse and he felt his metal Tekko-Kagi lightly twitching and pushing against his palms. He opened his fists allowing the weapons to float toward the lady and hover over her open forearms. He then noticed her sight looking afar, almost mesmerized, into the deep night sky and her lips forming quiet intelligible words in a tongue of stars. All of sudden, she sent them up into the cloud of raw magic forming above the meadow making them glow with surrounding transcendence when they had met the bright glory of heavens what infused their steel with the matter from beyond Byoshinse's comprehension as he gazed into the blades showing him back a clear reflection. A reflection of his own. This was the trial of faith. Which Byoshinse did not fail. The hand of heavens was reached to aid him and point him the way. He got an answer to the question of his lostness. For he needed to know what to do next in the far and wide the world. The claws of finest metal and spiritual affection that the former soldier carried in his heart toward his weapon were now storming with otherworldly power. Flashes of blue light and miniature lightnings writhing around the blades became to fade as they descended back into woman's embrace but not without taking their time. He felt the magic emitting from them in waves. They were agitated. They were calling him to be used. ‘Wield them to split the space’ her mouth once again gave an invisible shape to the soothing echoing voice, ‘but only in a wise manner’ she then returned them to the rightful owner. ‘Do you promise?’ he let the weapons fit into his paws and spoke: ‘Yes... Till the sun turns purple, I, this fate will pursue and will not hesitate’ the energy from Tekko-Kagi unleashed making his body shiver under an influence of the unknown. What he would get to know very soon. ‘Now, I will grant you knowledge’ the celestial being then closed her eyelids, clasped her hands with a word of farewell. And everything around blew up in a cascade of over-saturated colors, flushing away to reveal the reality behind. But the moment it happened the warrior's body and mind both passed out from the exhaustion that the stars brought onto him. Wind howled somewhere around the dell but everything else seemed willing to remain silent. The sun was again at its peak. Another day woke him up yet different from the ones of Shurima's deserts. Too cool but refreshing. He could not know for how long he had been unconscious. He lifted his head and found himself lying on the grass. Both the marble dais and the meadow's magic that surrounded it were vanished. Even the Tekko-Kagi at both of his sides were now as usual. But he knew exactly what had happened. He was guided by the stars and was ready to follow. And the celestial that went down to aid him told he should now be able to make a good use of his weapon in seeking his destiny for it was to be sharp enough to tear open the space around. And he felt himself being able to bend it to his volition. First he concentrated his thoughts and tried to breath at a regular rate. Next, he closed his eyes imagining a place away from the sands and the terror that was taking place beneath the mountain. And then he rapidly rose them ajar frowning, like if a tremendous determination made him inspired, and flung his right arm forth to violently pull down the claws of his long meritorious hand weapon which made them glint pale blue and hiss intensely from the awoken magic. This slash would surely be a deadly blow if not cast into the empty air. But that was not all for these metal claws weren't like any other blade. They could cut. Cut really grievously. Even the space matter gave them way creating three slash's long lines waving over the ground and radiating with blue light which subsequently widened into a window, shaped like a torn off broad piece of cloth and showing a blurred image inside. The image kept stabilizing until Byoshinse could perceive a glade with a couple of willow trees, a clear, straight water stream and a mossy, stone monument in the middle that had a fissure at its top stretching till the side. He could now even feel a warm breeze coming from behind the scene. However, the portal's frame started fluttering and seemed to dwindle as space tried to recover the fresh gush. And so the warrior jumped into it without any further delay and landed amidst the coral pink flowers on the other side. A moment later the gap was closed once again. After the Ascended reckoned what had just taken place and was ready to look around, his heart froze. The ancient stone boulder indeed had a rupture along its side. But a fresh one and not done by either forces of nature nor any accident but by a deliberate action performed under a surge of anger. He knew who and even with what weapon the statue was damaged. There lay even more traces like the scent in the air that he could still recognize. Scent of the most dangerous evil he could expect to find wherever he was. ‘One of them is here.’ - Pause. - ‘He is here’ Byoshinse had to act quickly. But the quickness was replaced with a precise information. An unambiguous roar of rage and anguish. He sped faster than a tiger. The beast's fearful edge was just inches from facilely cutting through her naked skin. But even then she didn't doubt her faith. Even after the endless powers were tossed away only to experience what ground is. After the brave attitude met true fear and broke down. After a chase that ended in a catch. She endured by his example. And it saved her. He was quick enough. Just enough. Saved her by thrusting himself into the oppressor at a great speed and made them together roll away trying to get a better position over one another before hitting a stone wall with a hollow blow. When they stopped rolling the other one ended with a better standing but quickly jumped away having recalled in one moment who he wouldn't want to ground fight and grinning direfully in the other. ‘Who is that’ he spoke in a low, hoarse voice stretching each word, ‘If not my lost fellow, Byoshinse, from back in the days’ there was a lot of malice to be heard from his cursed speaking but the noble warrior, already standing with a good footing knowing that his former companion might strike mercilessly anytime, answered only: ‘What have you become, Raion?’ sounding less like an offense and more like a rebuke to what the Darkin replied: ‘What you,’ his tone soared and there was an anger outburst in his dark heart ‘fled from!’ He then lept forth spinning in the air and pulling from over his shoulder an unsheathed sword to deal a great blow. Byoshinse parried it with both of his crossed Tekko-Kagi and lightly bent his knees to push the attacker back. He then thought it might prove deadly for the woman left behind, now however gone somewhere, to fight nearby so he dodged the next attack and ran away toward the distant cliff set above the shore of a calm ocean. Raion followed with a scorn in his evil sight. He was sprinting faced toward the sun which Byoshinse could have used against him if only he was an ordinary mortal. Sand rasped under Darkin’s feet as he reached his opponent and so did it underneath Byoshinse who adjusted his position prepared to fend off another strike. Their weapons clashed putting them close face-to-face when they tested each other’s strength. The defender spoke and there could be pity and understanding heard: ‘Why did you leave the righteous path, brother?’ ‘They made us suffer and they will repay!’ His voice rising with each uttered word and ringing with an unrestrained fury. ‘Who made you suffer? The innocent?!’ Byoshinse couldn’t realize what his comrade from the other days was talking about. But he knew for sure his words weren’t just madness. ‘The guilty! Cleave them all!’ The fiend shouted loudly sounding desperate, ‘dim the lights of their souls!’ The sword-wielder let out a powerful battle cry yet more of an animal than of a man, for what the other clawed Ascended answered with not less formidable a wild roar accepting his call for a life and death fight. The two kept the duel on parrying most of each other's hits, unable to land any serious strike on the target. They swirled and twisted like tornado, rumbling and bellowing like a storm in the deadly dance which only one could last. Past some time, the Darkin took advantage of Byoshinse's seemingly unfortunate position after blocking one of those heavy blows, now standing heel against the edge of the escarpment when Raion charged at him with his whole body ducking under his reflected Tekko-Kagi and pushed him off. Yet the other Ascended was quick enough to drag the opponent along sending them both down the abrupt slope. Their colossal forms turmoiling down the grit sent into the air a thick pother of dust. Byoshinse clenched his adversary's arm with his claws keeping them together. He then felt a jab pointed beneath his ribs and answered with his own steel striking something hard. But there came another prick at him with a piercing sensation spreading through his right arm having him to slacken the grip on the enemy. Byoshinse followed with another swing dealing it blindly but this time hitting something soft. Suddenly, he bumped into something stony and hurtful which separated them and left at the base of the cliff a couple feet from one another. There they would lie till the end of the times but for the force of the sun itself which they wielded. First was the ill-warrior on his legs ready to pounce. Byoshinse had to take more time due to his damaged side but he managed to dodge anyway and seeing the ferocity of his foe, decided to try something new. Something that would either leave him exposed to a killing blow or put the other to dirt. He focused again the same way he did back then on the mountain while his Tekko-Kagi claws lit with azure energy and sparkled lightnings. He then exhaled letting out a strike seemingly amiss yet able to go around all defenses of his opponent. Three terrible lacerations appeared out of nowhere on the surface of the previously unscratched, well-guarded weak point of Raion's throat. He coughed miserably and his face looked shocked and likely to be seeing death when the other Ascended dealt two more hits. First was a thrust aimed accurately into his black heart. Second was somewhere between the two previous ones and proved fatal. Now there was no escape from the fate that all living things share. This was the time for the Darkin to finally pass away and rest for ever. Contemporaneously Byoshinse felt a bit too exhausted himself as well and fell unconscious face into the sand. Meanwhile, the woman from before appeared again, carefully sliding down the milder part of the cliff. The wind was slowly fading as she treaded through the coast until there were two lying bodies ahead, one still and breathless and the other grievously injured. And also in need of an instant medical aid. If that fight had been called a victorious one, he could have been hailed a champion that fulfilled the duty of a noble sort, of defeating the evil and making a way for order to prevail. But he didn't feel any of this for there was so much sorrow and lostness in his conflicted soul afterwards. Unless she was there watching over him, which she did, and treating his wounds, this all would have meant nothing to him. By making the best effort of trying to thank for keeping her alive, for protecting what could have been otherwise undone, she became the spark that could return to his life the missing flavor. That could put him back together. So he tried to move: ‘Don’t,’ she commanded firmly getting him to lay motionless. ‘You are injured’ the mysterious lady added in her melodic voice yet sounding quite familiar. The warrior noticed the many bandages and other medical means, laid nearby the lady kneeling beside him, and partially already applied on him indicating he might be treated by a professional. Not that he wouldn’t pull through by himself, after all he was able to regenerate even from the worst injuries due to the strength that his ascension wrought into him. But Byoshinse appreciated the kind gesture nonetheless. There also was something laid under his head, probably a makeshift pillow composed of folded clothing. ‘Please, lie calmly while I take care of your wounds’ her voice was reminding him of something for sure but he couldn't grasp it. ‘Where are we?’ he asked despite it being hard because of his damaged side. ‘Ionia, a land that seeks peace and harmony in nature. What you can see around is western Navori and its coastal region with surrounding waters' she answered protectively. ‘Who are you?’ ‘I am a travelling sage wandering from village to village, helping the living by healing their wounds and diseases.’ ‘And you are lying’ he guessed judging upon her irregular heartbeat and breath rhythms. But she replied ever so calmly but not hiding being somehow surprised: ‘And I am lying.’ ‘To never tell the truth.’ ‘To somewhen tell the truth’ she said trying to assure his doubts. ‘And you will go away one day’ his words touched and made her unable to utter any respond. One thing she couldn't do was to predict unpredictable. But after a couple of heavy heartbeats under her suspended chest she only smiled with serenity laying down her delicate, alabaster hand on his strong taloned paw and ensured with the sincerest promise: ‘I will not go away now.’ And so they walked away, the warrior leaving behind a buried old friend that he cleansed from his torment, with a new purpose at his side hosted inside of his heart and the lady bearing the secret from above the skies and thinking if this is enough to keep away the shadow of Darkin. **_Lore P.S._** Yes, I know there are no tigers in Egypt and they have nothing to do with their ancient mythology, lol. **In-game design**: Note that this in-game design doesn't need to cover the Skills and Stats section. It is just an impression of what is expected from the champion. Byoshinse is a melee marksman. He uses deadly Tekko-Kagi enchanted with magic to tear both his adversaries and space to his favor. He's a sustained damage dealer that focuses on prolonging fights to gain more strength. The playstyle is basic attacks oriented profiting from a wise utilization of abilities. His secondary bar contains mana as a resource for part of his skills. Being squishy is compensated by his kit providing responsive abilities for positioning during team-fights and allowing a way for an eventual escape. **Skills and Stats**: Attack range: 125 Mana: 300 (+34 per level) Passive - Warp Claws Byoshinse fights with Tekko-Kagi infused with magic allowing him to bend space around increasing his attack range (+425 units). Further, basic attacks deal additional 5/10/15/20 (based on champion's level) (+25% ability power) magic damage. Q - Tiger Bane Cost: 40/30/20/10/free Cooldown: 15/12/9/6/3s Leaps to the cursor on a short, fixed distance and (if in 175 units radius) attacks the closest enemy (prioritizing champions) dealing 70/90/110/130/150 (based on the skill's level) (+50% total attack damage). Can strike critically and applies on-hits. W - Ascended Powers Passive: While not attacked by a champion or an epic monsters for 8/6/4 (based on champion's level) seconds starts regenerating health in a rate of 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1.2% (based on the skill's level) of maximum health per second. Cost: free Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16s Active: Gains +20/25/30/35/40% (based on the skill's level) attack speed and +20/30/40/50/60 flat movement speed for 6/7/8/9/10 seconds. E - Belief Leap Cost: 70/60/50/40/30 mana Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9s Tears open the space creating a portal and jump into it exiting a fixed distance of units farther in a straight line. The portal remains for 3 seconds. If an ally enters they're teleported and the portal is vanished. If the enemy champion enters, the portal blows up dealing 50/75/100/125/150 (+100% ability power) magic damage in a small area and slows them by 40% for 1 seconds. R - Shred Apart Passive: Damaging enemy Champions and Epic Monsters grant stacks up to 4/6/8 (based on the ultimate's level) for 3 seconds refreshed after every hit. Stacks empower basic attacks (doubling Warp Claws damage/doubling Warp Claws damage and dealing the bonus in a small area around the target/doubling Warp Claws damage, dealing the bonus in a small area around the target and converting it into true damage) (based on the gathered stacks). Each empowered basic attack consume 30/35/40 mana at respective stacks threshold. When out-of-mana stacks persist but don't provide empowerments. This concludes the concept. If you also have read the lore part and notice some shortcomings in my writing, please leave a feedback. Thanks for reading, wish you a good one.
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