One crazy interesting idea on how to make Pantheon viable

First I was thinking about usual ways. I did drop idea of changing his numbers immediately. Pantheon numbers are FINE. He needs to have solid place without irritation caused by "tweaking". Don't change basics. Next are ideas on his W and E. I was just thinking that his E is not delivering damage. And his W was not very reliable. So main idea here is to make his W stun TWICE as long, if Pantheon' target is damaged by E. To enable Pantheon into more different ways of chaining his casts. His R also has problems, main of which are that you are visible. Exactly the same as Ekko's W. People may be not looking at you during channel, but they see where your spear lands. So the idea is to enlarge damage area. Also they had this "decreasing" of damage from inside to outside. I noticed that the edge of ultimate are very bright. Why not use this? Lets make damage opposite way - maximum damage up to the twice amount at the edge. This will highlight the edgy nature of Pantheon. This is Sparta, guys, not healthy for you staying on the edge of the wells. And, finally, I was thinking about his spear. This downside of damage decrease are so obvious. Also game has PLENTY of skills people are thinking about they should hide behind minions. This is too boring. Idea is to make Pantheon spear INCREASE in damage when it penetrates any target. For every target bonus 20% in damage. Do not mix this idea with {{champion:429}} Q, because her Q also gets increased range and was concentrated around E stacks. This ideas do not touch any number at all. And can differentiate Panth {{champion:80}} gameplay from other champs. This final idea on making spear increase damage while penetrating targets is so CRAZY and interesting, that I think it could never see any light, but the idea is so bright. Instantly makes Pantheon viable as countermeasure to many champions.
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