Why is the carry never on my team ?

Hi, normally i create a discussion when i lost like a whole elo and and when i'm salty af and yep, today is such a day. My todays question at Riot is : Why do you even create a tier system with like Bronze Silver Gold and on and on when you get better enemys anyways. I normally play solo or dynamic queue with about 2-3 people and we are all Silver 4 up to Gold 5. Somehow the matchmaking manages to match us with Gold 3 up to Plat 4 every game, and thats only ranked, in normal its even a bigger gap of elo. It's a really big issue for us while we loose lp against people who are more then a whole division above us. I can't imagine that we are all on an MMR of a Gold player. Can someone explain this to me ?
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