New champion idea

are you maybe thinking about new champion ( pick maybe how it should look :D so his Passive can be town recruiting for every ally minion dead he gain more hp about 1-3hp per minion his Q ability is (flaming ball) where he trows a skill shot ability a fire rock around maybe 400 range that leaves a fire tar where it passed and deals some burning dmg his W can be the (great wall) where he puts etc some wall around him or shield he is immune to all cc for next 3 sec takes 30 % up to maybe 50% less and cant move or auto attack or use other spells and it can be canceled his E (arrowed strikes) where he trows arrows all around him etc maybe 300-400 range and his R (siege mode)where he trows a giant rock that stuns enemies and deals dmg some thing like ziggs ulty just whit 50 % less range some where around if you look @ 2 middle towers outer maybe that range and if you hit him in middle you will stun and do more dmg if not you will do less dmg and slow

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