Ohmwrecker uselessness and possible solution

So, Ohmwrecker{{item:3056}} has been a nearly useless item for the last 5 years and riot did nothing to change it so it is viable. Imo the idea behind the item is very fun and useful if there are given the right numbers. **The problems with the item are:** **__1. It gives no stats compared to its cost__** 2. **The stats it provides are counterintuitive to the item's purpose** In this last point i come from the perspective that disabling a tower for 3 seconds is an idea that supports agressive gameplay and, so, it should provide ofensive stats instead of defensive ones (you don't need defensive stats to tank a tower that is disabled). **3.Doesn't fit in any type of build or role** The idea behind the item can fit in support builds or jungler builds. None of these cases can be applied at the moment because the stats are pretty bad (not just in the numbers). ** 4. The tower disabling time being 3 seconds is useless. ** ** My possible solution is that:** The item should give lethality and AD to push the aggressive gameplay by a lot of assassins that are mostly played in the jungle and mid lane. Keeping that in mind, it would help a lot tower diving and it would provide more good lethality items to assassins so they don't need to be restricted to 2 good and 1 meh... lethality items. It can offer different stats depending on which path riot wants to push the item to. E.g: If riot wants to push the item to a more support way, it can give stats that supports like and need and it doesn't lack the damage factor because supports can ohmwrecker the tower and the adc deals the damage needed (would be really good on peel supports so they don't tank the tower). In all cases the active ability (the core feature of the item) should be increased in time. Those are my thoughts. Tell me what do you think. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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