Draft Racing in Howling Abyss! (BETA

The objective of this gamemode is running through the enemy base to die in the enemy fountain and preventing the enemies from dying in your fountain at the same time. Managing to die in the enemy fountain will give your team 1 point and the first team reaching a total of 10 points wins. Every player will also have a specific role: Runner, Defender or Roamer •The Roles There will be 2 Runners, 2 Defenders and 1 Roamer in every team •Runner: Your job is to score points by dying in the enemy fountain, you are not allowed to attack the enemy unless you use CC abilities (stun, root, slow, knock up, etc.) •Defender: Your job is to prevent the enemy Runners from dying in your fountain, you can stay wherever you want, execept beyond the outer turret ( you need to stay behind it); if the 2 outer turrets are broken, defenders need to defend the inhibitor like a turret. You can kill anyone that is in your territory (behind the outer turret) •Roamer: Your job is to catch enemies trying to sneak into your base, you are the only one that can farm minions even if they are not under turret. You can kill anyone, even defenders (The roles will be decided in the lobby/champion select) Rules •You can kill minions only as a roamer, but the enemy roamer can kill you (defenders and runners can kill minions only if they are under turret) •A point is given to thas a runner or e team of whoever manages to die in the enemy fountain after getting hit by the laser •Every role/rule has to be respected, otherwise a point can be subtracted •The losing team has to surrend •You can't hit/destroy turrets •If a team destroys a tower, they lose 2 points •Defenders can suicide to buy items, they need suicide without having impact on the game (you can kill defenders that suicide as a reward) PRE-BANNED CHAMPIONS: •Nasus{{champion:75}} (for roamers) •Bard{{champion:432}} •Pantheon{{champion:80}} •Ryze{{champion:13}} •Tahm Kench{{champion:223}} •Taliyah{{champion:163}} •Twisted Fate{{champion:4}} •Yuumi{{champion:350}} •Camille{{champion:164}} •Kayn{{champion:141}} BANNED ITEMS: •The Dark Seal {{item:1082}} and Mejai's Soulstealer {{item:3041}} •Ohmwrecker {{item:3056}} •Zz'Rot Portal {{item:3512}}
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