A Seperate Battle Royale game from RIOT GAMES

Hello everybody! As you read in the title, its about a League of Legends Battle Royale. Would be a really sick game mode dont? The best way to create a gamemode like this, is to start all over. Thats why Riot has to create an own kind of game for that, cause it would be otherwise to much work to revamp everything in LoL to make battle royale work. My suggestion would be scripting a randomly generated item drop on the map. The map should be really big..LIKE REALLLLY BIG, cause the players need space to roam and dont kill each other too early already, cause a lot of people would get frustrated to die at the start every single game over and over again. So the map created, random item drops, and of course we need terrain, like walls, buildings but the more important thing is the player drop system, the best and easiest way would be everybody spawns randomly on the map, just like in aram but in this case its the position of the player and not the champ wich gets randomly generated. There should be a way to drop items and pick them up. The best way would be just walk over it and there should be a "PICK UP" or "SWAP WITH" option, so you can choose if you wanna swap an item that you dont need anymore or just do nothing and walk away. The heal system!! Yes the most important part, almost forgot that, there should be a different item slot for healing pots and consumables. BUT there should be 2 types of healing pots, the ones wich heal you over time and the instant heals wich heal you 1/4 of your hp and bigger healing pots to get you to max hp and etc. Hmmm...one thing is missing...shields..maybe? Tbh in my oppinion, in a League of Legends battle royale you dont need any shields actually, cause every champion is unique with there own set of skills buffing an already really strong champion with a shield would be unbalanced. Balancing, when we already talk about that. The best thing to balance every champion in this game mode would be, giving them all the same starting stats, like hp regen, max hp, damage, magic resist, armor, etc. AND one thing to mention is no spell costs, on any champion, so we dont need any mana or anything, but balancing that out with cooldowns on the spells changed, otherwise we would see a malzahar spam his skills with no mana cost, so cooldowns need to be higher on spells. So, every champion having the same stats should make it balanced. Hmm...oh yes the armor system, the armor system should work like this: Rank 1 armor (lowest Tier): Blocks 1 spell from an enemy Rank 2 armor : Blocks 2 spells from an enemy Rank 3 armor: (highest Tier) Blocks 2 Spells and one Auto Attack I thought about it to make the rank 3 armor to block 3 spells, but that would be way too broken, imagine a talon trying to Q and W you, all 3 spells blocked, 3 spells cause the W returns and gets blocked too. So its better with 2 spells blocked and 1 AA, cause (again talon example) talon with Q in (gets blocked) and then W (first part gets blocked) and then AA (AA gets blocked) BUT then he is still able to ult, proc the last 2 stacks and AA, so its still possible that even if you have Rank 3 armor, that a talon can kill you if you arent carefull. Well thats my idea for a battle royale League of Legends, but like I said in a different game maybe if riot decides to create a new game, or it can also be implemented in League of Legends. Let me know what you think about that, and if you have any suggestion how it could be better write it down. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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