So I think there a lot of people, who whish there would be a extra Slot for pinkwards... After everybody is full equiped in a Game there is no good way to get a pink ward on the map. The only possible way is if you have enough Gold, at the end of a game you can just sell an item walk to your place and ward. After that you have to go back and have to buy your Item again.. {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} Thats kinda dumb because you can get catched everywhere just for a ward... My Idea was if you buy a controll ward, at full equip or "full slot" it should overwrite the normal trinket and you can just place your ward. But this should be if you have no space in your slots and not only if you got 6 FULL items. So you are always able to buy one. Another idea is that you get a second trinket slot with no hotkey on it. You could just swap between trinket and controll ward by a hotkey. Could be LShift and the trinket hotkey or something. I don't see any negatives aspects in it... Please write it, if found one.. For lazy people there is a poll down below. Excuse my bad english... Im from Germany and think the english board gets more attention, thats why i write here. Greets from Germany! {{summoner:1}}
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