Placement Flex, how to fix it.

Dear Riot, your 1 game extra to get true rank does not work. I won my extra game and was put into bronze 5 0lp, so that one extra game's outcome was rigged and regardless of a win or loss I would be put in the lowest of the lowest. I am a person that thinks in sollutions so let me solve it for you. -------------------------------------------------------------- Sollution 1. Give everyone 10 new placement matches. -------------------------------------------------------------- Sollution 2. Flex game MMR + season 6 MMR /2 = new flex MMR* *Max rank plat 1 Unranked season 6 = 1200 MMR ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sollution 3. Flex game MMR + 10 new placement games MMR / 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Doing things this way you do not punish people who actually climbed from low elo to an higher elo.

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