New Champion idea - Lord Voldemort

Interested on what you guys think of this champion idea :) Here we go. Passive horcrux (I read this somewhere and thought it was solid): every time he kills a champion he splits his soul. When he dies he respawns at the place he killed that champion with (50%health?). If he kills 5 champs in a row he essentially has 5 lifelines, but they can each have a 30 second cool down. Maybe it could be that when he gets a kill he can choose to where to hide his horcrux within 10 seconds. Q (expelliarmus): removes a champions weapon for 1 second, making them unable to attack anything W (imperius): takes control of an enemy champion for 2 seconds (possibly could cast other spells from the controlled champion) E (cruciaticus): deal damage to an enemy champion for 3 seconds and slows them (kind of like malzahars malefic visions) R (avada kedavra): channels for a second and fires a short range (300 units maybe) beam that destroys the first champion/minion/monster hit. Massive cool down, maybe 300 - 360 seconds. Would love any comments or improvements. Was thinking all abilities can be blocked by minions or monsters etc.
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