League Need More Complexity

Hello, as a Title says. I Think League of Legends got to the point where player freedom is really limited in a way of your character build's. Let me explain: I think League NEED more complicated RUNE - MASTERY system that is more similiar to the old one. Right now is everyone using same builds on same specific roles or champions, and there is not many reason's to pick any other KeyStone or etc. So whats the actual point to have it there at all? Just Give specific Runes/masteries to specific champs and your game will be much more easy to balance. Or, Increase number of things that can player change like back in the day with Runes - Armor/HP/DMG/PENE/etc etc etc There was so many amazing builds that you could create.... 1% crit chance lvl 1 build, Full magic pene build, Full HP regen Build, etc etc What do you guys think about it? Does league need to? 1 - Delete RUNES and MASTERIES at all, and just pre-asaign specific type for specific champions by default for better balance and elimination of mistake (picking wrong page) and reduce number of trolls. 2 - Increase number of RUNES and MASTERIES to even greather combo possibilites like before? ( Season 1 - 3 ) 3 - Leave it as it is now
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