Does Riot Accept Champion Ideas? (I have 9 Champion Ideas that kinda haunt me :/ )

When I started league (Season 7 - Mid-Season, yes I am not experienced but if I don&#039;t post this ideas fast I won&#039;t escape my Addiction to work on them :/ ) I started making this champions, for no reason in particular, but now I work on them almost everyday because I want to make a post with them. There are around 8 Champion Ideas, one of them was made before I started playing LoL, back when I played Mobile Legends (wich was a better option to play with friends at school, than home where we could do better things than LoL). But, yeah... when the idea to note down this champions (for almost a year I had to remember their abilities 8 Champions x 5 Abilities = 40 Abilitites, and some have extra in their ults, plus that I reworked the early ones because their kit was focused to be TOO good, a lot of CC and utility because then I didn&#039;t know about Items, Scalings etc etc.) I started writing them here, then my chrome wich saves the site when closed and reopens it like I left it, somehow it didn&#039;t save so I rewrite all again, then it did it again (I wasn&#039;t stupid, It worked but once I deleted some things and maybe it was because of that, but then I tried again and somehow after many days of working fine it decided to do that again) and changed it to Notepad, then I reinstaled Windows but my Notepads where actualy Shortcuts >:/ . Now I will go over all of them again and someday in the future post them. Now, they are almost fully made champions: All Abilities (Mana not specified, Suplly Bar not specified - mana, energy, fury, other resources -, No range - just adjectives: Big, Small, Normal for Meele, Normal For Ranged Champions; Lore told short, No drawings with them, but details because I am not a good at drawing something acceptable... or in general, but it could work because you could make your idea of his looks and personality and make some improvements - also some are TOO OP and some have TOO USEFULL KITS, like an Adc with a Poppy W that also stops projectiles and more, but THIS ARE IDEAS, I don&#039;t plan to "add" this specific champion in the game, but to give an idea of an ability, champion, lore, and more, and because I don&#039;t know much about LoL I could create something that some experienced people won&#039;t think of because, why would you do that? but from that Idea you could make others... er, anyway you get the... Idea... -ba dum tssss- bad puns checked, now let me give some idea of what type of champions I have here, also I said so much you probably forgot we are still in a paranthesis), Lore "told short" to not add to much details and that have new things added (I didn&#039;t know much lore back then so creating new stuff would resolve the problem of having to read all the lore), Even Skins (Some new Ideas of Skins and some skins already in game that would work on this champion - that are tehnically usless for ideas, but oh well) and many things that are not that deep, they are not that complicated because * Quick Rewiew of those 8 Champion Ideas (with their Reworks) **(1)** (Before Rework) A squishy mage-assasin wich excels exterminating grouped targets dealing a lot of AoE damage in short amount of seconds, that has a huge impact on the Rift (and other maps) with his passive. Known as a dangerous Assasin in Runeterra, master of the Lighting that is feared by many who heard stories about him. (After Rework) A squishy mage-assasin jungler that stacks, with mobilty and short CC that can impact and intrerupt chaneling abilities and a playstile that forces him to be agresive more often (if jungle, forces him to gank more often) with a simple kit. Also Many Stacks = Crazy Ult (don&#039;t panic, this Stacking system is not like Veigar and Nasus, you&#039;ll see). Feared by some in Runeterra and anoying others, a godly being with the power of destroying whole armies, but he cares about you. **(2)** A Top Laner with many abilities (Total of 9 - Passive + Q + W + E + R + RQ + RW + RE + RR) that can go AD / AP / Tank with a Kit that offers (kinda) a lot of possibilities such as CC, Inplemented Self-Zhonya and AoE Zhonya, Procentage Damage based on Your Current Health and Enemy Current Health and some amazing Ultimates. A skilled Noxian that got corupted by a special weapon that rebeled when offered help, now he searches for the place where he belongs, the place where all started. **(3)** (Before Rework) An Mage-Adc (No scalings made then to scale her abilities with AD or AP, so I don&#039;t really have an Idea of what it was like, but on this list this was the most OP champion) that has a viarity of abilities that help with CC, Stats, Damage, More Damage and hard CC and even MORE DAMAGE AND SUPER HARD CC. (This was the most desireable of a "Rework" - 10 damn abilities, each one extremely op - and that damn ult). A teenager that left home because of strict rules, either that or death, but something shiny changed her life forever, now she can do more than defend herself or fight, but still is related with defending herself and fighting. (After Rework) A Adc that can switch through 5 weapons, each interfering with her Kit that becomes dealdlier with each recent Kill and can always get away into a Animeish Style (Spoilers. Robot Suit.) Same Lore/Lore Hints. * (All of this champions where cronologicaly ordered, but from now on I don&#039;t really know the creation of the next 3 champions, also from the first ones to the last ones you can see an increase in creativity and not just bunch of non sense abilities) **(4)** A Tank - AD/AP (I won&#039;t do the scalings and let you decide on release of the blog what he could scale with) that can provide lots of CC by just doing his regular job and also provide protection, a better Zhonya-Shield and a Grand Escape&Smash. Once a Semi-God with big dreams, now tricked left with nothing left but just an old friend. (On creation I didn&#039;t know Aurelion Son&#039;s Lore, so yeah...) **(5)** An Adc-Mid Laner that can offer a lot of presure by keeping fear above your enemies heads, agile, dangerous and extremily handsome. He brings to the game more than Damage, also a friend, not the usual friend you would make. A Shuriman child, once he was told he came from a family of Masters of Weapons he knew his meaning, now he searches rune Terra to find the Killers of his Family, in his way meeting opponents, the weak fall in front of him, the strong just settle after a long battle, become friends and share experiences. (Spoiler. His abilities are "gathered" from other champions that fought him and settled, sharing tehniques) **(6)** One sweet boi that will dance his way out of battle, with usualy him winning of course, a Mage that rellies on his allies in strage ways and can confuse his enemies to death, but with style. He is known by many in Runeterra as a nightmare to face, in reality he is not, he is sweet, really sweet, but probably not edible. **(7)** (My favourite) One sweet boy that comes to battle with only an amulet, but not a simple one. That amulet was worked on by so many scientist in a secret base, but a disaster destroyed everything so his mom on her last words gave it to him, now this boy has to wonder helplesly hunted by Assasins, Bountyhunters and entire armies - how does his do it? (Hint: Inspired by Kayn, also on this champion, if good enough to add in the game as he is now I highly recomand a ~3 minute 3D Animated Film, Almost no Speaking in it - Many Reasons -, This film shows his exploration with 3 parts for each part of his Passive showing how he beats entire armies even if he is just a Kid with an amulet - also no info on his abilities because they are not tehnicaly his... that&#039;s why he is my favourite and that Film, oh boy) **(8)** * Recently made, and it&#039;s still in development because he is a gamechanger for himself and enemies. (Don&#039;t feed with him, also compare him to Gangplank) A sailor cursed in his adventure separating him from the world, but it pays off, literaly. Cursed with Gold, he and his crew are now wondering trying to find a purpose to their existence. (Spoilers. He is made out of Gold). In game he has a new style of gameplay working with his gold and those of his enemies, stealing from them and them stealing from him he is really important for his team and his crew, crew? What crew? Did he bring them to the Rift(and other maps)? **(9)** * I remembered something about this guy, but nothing came to mind so this last days I made him into a champion, also I heard you where looking for a... shaman... i forgot the name, but that kind of champion like an Oriana, but her ball could be placed far away, like a totem... Azir like. I don&#039;t really know much about this but I got the, maybe OP, champion for you. An Adc-Mid Laner that requires skill as well as planning skill and reaction time, he works well with his suport so briging him bot to give him another one is not that bad actualy, even as an Mid Lanner or Adc you can chose to sacrifice your suport giving it to them, even after death. A Piltover teenager that grow up playing Tennis with his father soon found how to distract people from the War, giving them some hope, even made an helper for himself, but do not mistacke, he and his helper trained to fight back mediocre attacks and escape hard ones. (This guy comes with 3 new skins and an event, skins not for him but for participants in the event, that I don&#039;t have planned a lot for it but it may come maybe with a new gamemode? welp, until I finnish Rererewrithing the champion list again, I&#039;ll let you guys give your ideas for what this champion might be or even new ideas for champions, so this way we can make more ideas, and yeah, I know Riot may have a lot of ideas for champions from those years of work that still didn&#039;t made their way into the game, but hey, here are some more :) ) Welp, yeah. This "Hints", "Reworks" and so on, probably gave you some ideas for yourself, maybe you get an idea of what can they be that is not actualy true, but you came up with something, also if this post is viewed and my work is not wasted then... I would like to see you guess the 7th champion, comon, get those ideas running. I gave some hints for some people to get it, wait, I gave enough for someone to get what he does, not his abilities, but his passive. So please, if Riot accepts ideas for cahmpions (or just Ideas of abilities), share this, I wasted to much time on this champions to go to waste, some are bad, some are good, but now it will feel like an actual job to work on them, and with this post I can finnaly test if I can edit my Posts wich will make things interesting, if I want to reveal them slowly overtime, or just post them imidiately after I finish writhing them. So good luck and take care. Ranking - Gameplay: 1. 7th Champion (Interesting - But may be anoying) 2. 9th Champion (Amazing if Skilled and good at multi-tasking) 2. 1st Champion - Before Rework (THAT&#039;S A LOT OF DAMAGE) 3. 3rd Champion (Compare it with Gun Goddes Miss Fortune, also amazing if ahead) 4. 2nd Champion (Kinda OP, maybe will get a rework, but compare to Galio, wait, he might be better than him with a lot) 5. 6th Champion (Do you like Shaco/LeBlanc ult? Welcome to heaven then) 6. 1st Champion (Kinda good Assasin Jg) 7. 5th Chapminon (Really good Adc for preasure, he is this Low because... not that he is bad but just I don&#039;t play Adc, Adc is my least favourite role) 8. 4th Champion (To me this looks like a regular champion for some reason, so maybe I did something good, but he is kinda like a Maokai on steroids) I will not add 3rd Before Rework because it could be the first one or the last because: Holy Jesus, what is that? What the frazzle is that? (I don&#039;t know how to say bye and that&#039;s why I added a "Ranking" so I will stop now, if I have grammar mistake I am sorry but this are a lot of words and I am not looking again, I&#039;ll just insta post this post after I finnish this sentece, Bye!) Edit: <-- That thing right there is making me happy! Links: 1st Champion:
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