Xayah and Rakan in TFT

I think everyone knows that they will come in TFT some day. I made this discussion so riot don't make the game unplayable for 2 weeks. Xayah: Ranger; Ability: Her basic attacks leaves feathers behind the enemy that deal damage to champions that are behind the target. On every 7 basic attacks she returns the feathers to herself dealing 50/100/150 percents of her ad. Enemies hit by 3 feathers are rooted. Rakan: Guardian; Ability: He dashes through every ally unit(priorities the closest) giving them 100/200/300 shield that lasts for 5 seconds(not stackable). I can't think about any name for origin and effect but this upgrade still works(If there are Xayah and Rakan on one team: Rakan's basic attacks also leaves feathers but they deal 50 percents less damage and can't root. The shield on Xayah lasts till the en of the fight.
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