[Fan art / Skin concept] Elderwood Taliyah

Hello everyone ! I have been working on a fan made skin concept of {{champion:163}} for a bit now, and I'd like to present it to you ! I give you: Elderwood Taliyah ! https://pre00.deviantart.net/36c4/th/pre/i/2017/282/5/5/taliyah_elderwood_skin_concept_by_nicolasbarbas-dbq2e1t.jpg https://pre00.deviantart.net/5f40/th/pre/i/2017/282/e/a/taliyah_elderwood_skin_concept__2_by_nicolasbarbas-dbq2i3n.jpg Particules and spell animations would remain pretty much the same as the classic skin except that it would be overgrown rock instead. I had great fun working on this and I hope you like it.
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