Champion Suggestion: Morneghul, the Amphibious Lancer

Morneghul is a big, slighlty fat yet strong, frog humanoid. He wields a shield and points a lance forward, he wears a long chainshirt with some small plating on his chest and shoulders, he wears a helm with open visier. His skin is green with darker purple spots on it. His base stats should be average, an above average base MR but less MR/lvl than average. Passive: Lance 'N Fence: A small amount of his attack damage (15/17/20% increases at lvl 6/11/16) is added to his armor, and a small amount of his armor (8%) is added to his attack damage (max 15 extra AD), does not stack with itself. Q:Impale: Morneghul leaps forward (400 range) using his powerful legs, holding his shield and lance in front of him, dealing damage to all enemies hit (50/90/130/170/210 + 0.9*AD) and stopping upon hitting an enemy champion; during this dash he pins all the minions hit to his lance (up to 3 minions max) and if he hits an enemy champion he deals bonus damage and heals himself based on how many minions he has impaled. (30/45/60/75/90 + 0.2*AD for each minion impaled. and heals for 1/1,7/2,3/3/3,7% of his max health per minion impaled 8/8/7/7/6 seconds cooldown W:Leap: Morneghul goes for a high jump towards a target destination (850 range), upon landing he deals some damage, pushes any enemy hit (without stunning them, though being able to make cast skillshots miss) When in mid air Morneghul can use his tongue as a grappling hook to change his destination (180 degrees in front of him range stays the same) but will deal significantly reduced damage. Deals 70/100/140/190/270 +0.4*AD to all enemies hit. it deals 60% reduced damage if the direction was changed. 15/14/13/12/11 seconds cooldown E: Toxic Skin: Passive: If attacked from from any direction other than directly in front of him he poisons the target, the closer the target is to him the more powerful the poison. Damage does not stack but duration refreshes if the poison is triggered more than once. Active: He shakes and splashes his poison in 175 range around him (making him hit enemies that stand close in front of him as well!), disabling the passive for 1/0,8/0,6/0,4/0,2 seconds and has a 20 seconds cooldown. Deals between 0,8/1,6/2,4/3,2/4 and 1,2/2,4/3,6/4,8/6 % Every 30 AP increases the damage by 0,5% of the afflicted enemies missing HP in magic damage (cannot kill!) R: Swallow!: Morneghul swallows a target enemy for 2 seconds, the target becomes trapped inside Morneghul and becomes untargetable, however the target will continue to deal basic attacks to Mathu (damage reduced by 50%), if 4 basic attacks are landed by the target the duration ends premature. In addition, some of the damage dealt to Morneghul while he has swallowed a target will also be dealt to the target trapped inside of him. Morneghul is slowed for 80% during the duration. (25/30/35% damage) 160/145/130 seconds cooldown. Playstyle: He falls in between an assasin and a bruiser, due to his focus on AD and Armor he will be a decent fighter that can hold himself in a 1v1, however you probably won't get too much Magic Resistance and not as much HP as other bruisers so you have to be carefull in teamfights. Also remember that Impale stops on the first enemy champion hit, so you can't dash through tanks to get to the ADC. (you have to consider jumpin in the middle of the enemy team or jumping over them to position yourself for a good shot at carries.) However his strenghts are the fact that he can jump twice, making him extremely mobile, he can quickly get to the other side of the jungle, he can escape from fights and poisoning everyone who manages to follow him, etc.

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