Champion Concept: Skinny Pete [Onhit-Effect based ADC]

**The idea** I noticed how many On-hit items there are in the game at this point, but no main ADC Charakter who is meant to be played with them (other than Kog and Varus off-meta build maybe), so I put some thought to it. Picture an impulsive, hyperactive Pirate kinda guy with bulky eyes, messy hair, a long musket kinda rifle and a machete on his belt. Has a scratchy voice and walks wickedly. Character wise throw Gangplank, Shaco and Twitch in one bowl. His name: **Skinny Pete** Passive: **Violent Glee** Every attack, that causes an on-hit effect by skinny Pete charges up his glee by 5 (2 against minions). Upon hitting 100 glee, he gains a shield for **50-300 (x attack speed)** damage for 4 seconds. *Cooldown: 7s* [picture a bar like Rene's fury] Q: **Brrrrra!** *cost: 50 Mana Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 s* Fires 5 rapid shots in a straight line hitting the first target, each inflicting **10/15/20/25/30 (+0,1 ad) ** physical damage and each applying on-hit effects. The On-Hit effects deal 50% damage versus champions. W: **Screeching Charge** *cost: 80/60/40/20/0 Mana, Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 s* Skinny Pete gets down on all four like a madman, gaining **100%** movement speed for 2 seconds, but is unable to attack. The ability ends if Skinny Pete attacks. E: **Splat!** *Cost: 70 Mana, Cooldown: 8 s* Skinny Pete throws his machete in a straight line, piercing minions and small monsters, dealing **50/70/90/110/130 (+0,5 ad)** damage. Hitting a champion or large Monster causes the machete to stick to it, causing Skinny Pete's attacks against that target to deal an additional **10 + 1 (+0,01 ad, +0,01 ap) %** of its max health physical damage On-Hit for 4 seconds. Killing the target during that duration resets Splat!'s cooldown and grants 25 Glee. R: **Take it back, y'all!** *Cost: 100 Mana, Cooldown: 120/100/80s* For the next 8 seconds, Skinny Pete collects all On-Hit damage he deals. At the end of this duration, he can reactivate the ability, to lob a massive bag of explosives to a target area, that he shoots as soon as it reaches its destination, dealing 50/100/150 (+ all collected damage) physical damage to a radial area around the explosion. Let me know what you think :)
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