Playing the Old Pre-reworked Champions in a new Game Mode

I’ve been a League player for quite some time now and have seen many reworks. Not always have I liked all the reworks but sometimes it was necessary for the champions of old to fit in with the newer generations. I am not sure if I am the first to suggest this or that someone else was before me, but I just really wanted to post this. So after playing many games with the reworked champions, I couldn’t help myself and have some nostalgia towards the Champions of Old. A simple example would be Shen. I am missing his good old Q Sword throwing spam in lane, baiting champions under the turret with his W Shield (what he still does). This just really make me want to play the Old Shen again even if it just against bots. So with creating a new game mode that you would be able to chose between what version of the champion you want to play. Example Shen, you would have a selection of the Current Shen or Pre-Shen. Or just the Pre-Shen. Same for the other champions that got reworked, you will get a choice what version you want to play. This Game Mode is only meant to make the players be able to play the champions before their reworks. Items, Summoner Spells are not included. Of course this will bring a lot of Issues along with it. First of all bringing in the old data not alone all the possible bugs it could produce, balance issues and the list can continue. But it is something I just want to post so that people can consider about the idea and let it settle in the back of their minds and maybe one day we can see a Game mode similar to this. Not that I am doing this for myself (Actually I am) but it is also a good way to get the newer generation of league players to get to know the Champions of Old. Not many newer generations of LoL players will know when you talk about how the abilities of the champions used to be and it is maybe fun for them to be able to play them and see how they used to handle. Afterwards they can see for themselves if the changes were good/bad or maybe just suited their playing style better. If you like the idea or maybe have a better version of this idea feel free to comment. P.S Feel free to post your experience with the Champions of Old if you still remember them :).
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