League of Legends the movie - Trailer . Riot answer us, have you ever though about the movie?

League of Legends - Movie Trailer
When kingdoms fall... Legends Rise The League of Legends Movie trailer is a fan-made video of what could be the movie about the free-to-play MOBA. It is a compilation of all the cinematics and trailers for the game, combined with some epic music as soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it.
Riot please have you ever thought about creating a movie? This trailer gave me orgsms I ain't joke. I know it would be so much work but in the end, who wouldnt go to the cinema to watch it? I would... a 100 times I MEAN, TO BE FAIR, it doesnt have to be a movie about the WHOLE league of legends but like, Rise of shurima, noxus and demacia war, or ionia, shadow isles, bla bla bla, I mean if FAST AND FUROUS can have 8 films, why cant League have it too? One per story. Rise of Shurima first, i wanna see that taliyah omg
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