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Hello. I have made a new champion idea. Basste, the music god Skins: Rocking Basste, Death Metal Basste Role: Tank, Support Passive: "Musically Enriched" {{summoner:21}}: Every minute Basste gains 25 (**NERFED**) permanent HP. Q: "Spell Opera" {{item:3636}}: Passive: Gains a small 50 HP shield every 10 seconds when not getting attacked. Rises to 150 while inside the base. Active: Summons a spell shield that blocks the next spell inflicted the target. Can be placed on allies. W: "Wisdom Tone" {{summoner:3}}: Active: Throws out a really wide medium range skillshot that slows enemies in it by 10% for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 E: "Orchestral Bonding" {{summoner:7}}: Active: Starts channeling for 3 seconds. Any ally in the small range of Basste will get healed after the channel. If there are multiple allies the heal will be more spread out instead of focused on one single ally. Heals for 50/100/150/200/250 HP. R: "Rising Bass" {{item:3635}}: Active: Summons 4 Songlings out of the ground that chase opponents. When they get into range of the enemy they will explode dealing a small AOE 5%/15%/25% slow for 1/1.5/2 seconds and deal 50/150/250 True damage. This ability can be recast on Basste or an ally to send the Songlings to heal the target by 200/300/400 Friends: {{champion:202}} Jhin, {{champion:37}} Sona (NEW) Voice lines (jhin) Hey pal how about we count up to the beat? All that counting will help me in the rhythm of my music. (Sona) Lets play some music my good friend!
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