Is dodging a valid option or should I just take the loss?

Hi Community, I just want to start a discussion about dodging games and how to manage trolls from champ selection. First of all, I'm not here to say that "odd" picks or off meta picks are a bad thing or something similar, I'm fine with Brand ADC, Jhin support.Every time I got something like that I just assume the guy know some strategy or also that the pick itself can get the other team in a strange spot where they also don't know how to deal with it. {{item:1052}} **Story behind this post** Just to give some context that idea popped up on my head when I got a link to that discussion: [Dodging ranked queues]( But I think that post was a little bit off due the user talking about ADC Ahri as an example, so I wanted to start a new one here in EU without taking that point into account. Last night I had a game where our first pick was support and the guy picked Dr.Mundo as sup running flash and ghost, at this point nobody on team chat said anything, at the end of champion select the other team also had a strange comp running Sona and Anivia on bot late and then the guy that picked Dr. Mundo sent a message saying "It seems they are trolling as me". No problem so far, our ADC didn't complained on chat or anything. Game started and the guy wasted flash and ghost right from second 0, Dr.Mundo sent a message saying "time to troll", some people started to say "why do that", "any reason?" and all those sort of messages, the guy spent the next 20 minutes running down bot lane and killing himself over and over again and it was hard to keep playing like that until the point that everyone just wanted to accept there was no chance to win and we needed to surrender. Here is the game in case anyone want's to check what I'm saying: There is no chance that this case represents an off meta pick going wrong or the guy just being bad at the game or having an unlucky match up (if it was the case I wouldn't say anything). The thing that really triggered me was the fact that I started to "stalk" this guy just to see if he would get banned after our reports (probably he got 4 reports from our team and the other team didn't bother report him since they stated that "free win was nice" during the game when we asked to report him after the game), but then looking his stats on I noticed a new normal game as Vel Koz (that he won) and a ranked 3v3 game so I assume he didn't get banned and looking at his history it seems that was the first time he trolled that hard: Ok, we already got the full story now let's go to the point. {{summoner:14}} **Current problem** At the moment, when we queue for ranked we can already decide our main and secondary role, while this actually solved a lot of issues with people not being happy with their role and therefore trolling was already diminished (I only speak for low elos since that's where I'm at the moment). But even on the rare occasions we still have someone trolling from start (that's easy to identify, once again not talking about off meta picks) we have nothing to do beside trying to convince the person that there is no reason to troll or you can dodge that game. By dodging a game you will be punished and that player will still be able to go for a next game and do whatever they want until they actually get banned or fulfill their need to troll. So currently what we have for dodging is: On all instances you are punished and if that's your promos you will suff harder then always since a lost means more then just losing LP. I understand that the current model is there to punish people for abusing a system that isn't part of the game as a strategy, but that also doesn't count for people trolling/feeding on purpose. {{summoner:2}} **Possible solution?** Even if hard to find a solution that can't be abused I believe there are a few options that can at least provide us some insight on why we decided do dodge (even if we will be punished by that decision). Today to dodge there are two options: 1. Don't pick or ban a champion. 2. Close your client Those two options make clear that the game (Riot) don't want us to see that as a valid/health option. But as I will show below there are a few options combined with the current system that can work and provide us a better feedback on this action, with today modal I think we can't actually collect data since there would be so many false positives in the mix that the data will be unreliable (people dodging, forget to pick/ban a champ, lost connection, etc). Options I have in mind: * Enable dodge as part of the game, a button during pick ban phase that can enable us players to dodge a match. With this enabled we can still have the current system (that will punish us for it) but also after dodging a match you will need to fill a form similar to the report screen that will give you the chance to provide the system some feedback on the reason you wanted to do so. * Give players the chance to dodge 3 or less games without punishment (something similar to what we have for refunds) * If the feedback provided was used on later punishment to the player that made the player chose to dodge then just give back the "refund point" back to that player. {{summoner:3}} **Edit** As it seems people are missing the point here, I'm adding this "disclaimer" to the post. The main idea here is to incorporate the ability to dodge games into the client, the free dodge stuff is just an additional point that was confusing people. The whole point is to understand what is happening when people dodge and be able to work with that data after, if we have a button that provide us a way to dodge and provide feedback on the reason then it will be possible to understand that behaviour and improve the system compared to what we have today that will generate just a leave on the system, you will be able to provide some insight on why you wanted to dodge the match. Being punished or not even it's part of the discussion but isn't the main focus. Of course is part and should be discussed if you agree with that or not, but my main objective was to bring the dodge action to a better level then "close your client". Maybe you don't think we should enable people to dodge games that easily or you agree but don't think we should enable people to do so without a punishment, we should discuss that. I just think pointing the "free punishment" dodge idea doesn't add anything without discussing the main point also. _Sorry for any english mistake (not my native language) and please try to keep that a good discussion, no need to flame or even call me out as a "noob" player, I know my elo and I'm happy with not being the best player in the world (always trying to improve)_
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