Hi! I'm an italian designer who, for a few months i'm working on a project that really fascinates me so much: A Manga of Lol. So, a few months ago i've started the project, inspired on my team. It is also a special present for my friends, who play with me, but it won't contain only the champions of my team... it will contain a lot of champions from other teams that fight versus the lead team. After some weeks, lots of my designer friends started to collaborate with me, and now we are a big team. We already have the title, the logo, the characters, the story, the enemy, a lot of sketches, the prologue and other more. So, it is a serious project and... when I see the page with the community collab comics collection I said: WHHHAAATTT??!!! DOES IT EXISTS???!!!! So, I'd like to collaborate with Riot Games. I'm working and I'll work free of charge, only for love of drawing and comics. So...i've the prologue ready-made, like the logo and the story. If you want, i can post it. PS. Sorry for my english probably wrong, but i'm, like I already said, italian. I hope that you'll read this discussion...i care a lot. Thanks.

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